The most important attractions in Sicily

Sicily wonderful opportunities for tourism, the largest of the islands in Italy in the heart of the Mediterranean. Arriving in Sicily, diverse landscapes and impressive active volcano Etna breath away each in the first minute. Etna is the most famous among the volcanoes of Sicily, and with other major volcanoes add an irresistible beauty and vitality of this extremely charming region.

Discover Sicily and discover the whole world! Visiting Sicily is like visiting more than 12 countries at once! - Say local people smiling and doing! Due to its location the island has a rich history and was in possession of Asians, Africans and Europeans. Later it was named the world's first multicultural society possessing unique places filled with history, art, architecture, folklore and breathtaking views. It seems as if nature has endowed the island with all of its wonders - mountains, hills and foremost sea with amazing colors and crystal clear waters. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Sicily

This combination of sea, mountains and volcanic terrain creates excellent conditions for sports and outdoor activities such as surfing, swimming or exploring the beautiful seabed or trekking and climbing to rediscover sensational Siculus mountains and nature.

Windsurfing and kitesurfing are a great opportunity to experience the thrill of "running" or even "fly" over the crystal clear waters of the sea. And on the west coast of Sicily are some of the most famous natural mountain trails, untouched beaches and palm dwarfs. Life there flourished and grew with each passing day, but saved all the historical sights and old traditions such as treatments and therapies dating back to antiquity.

The island is famous for its numerous spa and relaxation centers where local use of natural medicine that exists from the Roman era to today. In the area Trapani worth to see and Erice - the highest located town in this area, famous for its ancient stone city.

There are cathedrals, churches and two of the most visited castle in the region - Pepo castle, built by the Roman Arabs and Venus castle with Norman structure. On the southern coast of Sicily is one of the best examples of Baroque architecture left in Europe today. Baroque churches are characterized by broad mnogokrilni doors, lower ceilings and tall domes.

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