What can I tell you about Siargao Philippines

This is Siargao Philippines , which I will tell you about today. In February, although with a few changed flights, we successfully got there and returned, just a few weeks before the blockade due to Covid-19.

I am infinitely impressed by this piece of land and I can safely admit that this is the most magical place I have ever set foot on. The lack of tourists at that time made our stay a real experience that we will remember for a long time. I can't wait to go back again because I'm in love with Siargao.

In my description I enclose 15 very beautiful photos from the tropical island of Siargao during the ten days spent here. Very remote place and nearly 30 hours drive, change of planes and ferries. Well, a real paradise if you ask me, except for the high humidity and high temperatures. I can safely say that this was my most exciting trip to Philippines.

As it is known, the month of February is the end of the rainy season, but of our entire vacation it rains only one day. The wind is also strong and constant, but when you go inside the island, you don't feel much. A very good option is to rent a scooter or tricycle if you have luggage. Bookmark and Share

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Siargao Philippines photogallery

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What are the best beaches on Siargao Philippines

The main roads are well made, as for an island and connect all the most visited places on the island of Siargao. The coastline is very diverse, alternating amazing beaches and shallow reefs.

There are many corals and colorful fish, but care must be taken because every year there are many accidents in this part of the island. Especially if you surf without an instructor nearby. There are many palm and mangrove forests in the interior of Siargao Island. Like the other islands in the Philippines, there are many hotels here, but not much is built yet.

So if possible, visit it as soon as possible. The people of Siargao Island are well-meaning and always ready to help. They are by no means annoying, as they are in Arab countries, for example. The cleanliness of the beaches is high and there are many water attractions. I can safely write that this heavenly place is extremely peaceful.

Here everyone goes to bed early and also gets up early. You can see restaurants and shops open until midnight, but not later. Night parties are very rare, especially when they are private. If you want a bustling tourist life, it is better to go to beaches of Boracay Island or Panglao Island, but we do not like such experiences.

General Luna is the largest beach and is located in the eastern part of the island. The other famous beach is Sugba Lagoon. Next to the village of Pilar is Magpupungko Beach. We liked it here the most and we spent most of our time in this place. The most famous place for surfing is Cloud 9.

To tell you the truth, I don't know why it was named that way, but there is even a surfing competition here. Siargao Island also has excellent diving and fishing facilities. It is good to rent a kayak and go around the beaches on your own.

There are also organized excursions by motor boat to tour the island and enter one of the rivers. There are also underwater caves, so take advantage of this option. The prices of the services here are affordable, unlike the islands in Thailand, which we have written about in previous travelogues.

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