Attractions in Serbia worth visiting

Attractions in Serbia today inquisitive tourist with mountains, well-preserved monasteries rich fields planted with vineyards and historic monuments of past uprisings. Nightlife in Belgrade is not negligible, and the summer tourist season is from May to September and winter from November to March.

Casually charming nightlife of Belgrade and plains covered with soothing vineyards and monasteries, mountains, guarding the historic uprisings and heroic resistance, inquisitive tourist will discover intriguing things in today's Serbia. Most visited attractions in Serbia are: Belgrade fortress - built by the Turks in their present form since 1760 and called Kalemegdan.

Belgrade itself is one of the oldest cities among attractions in Europe, the first written records are from Roman times when it was a military camp of the first century BC.

The capital of Serbia is repeatedly destroyed completely, although the current appearance of the city is modern and dynamic. Tara National Park - Located in western Serbia, an area of ​​19.200 hectares.

Several rivers run through the park and is ideal for water tourism. Boating and rafting on the rapids is a real challenge for lovers of extreme water sports. Bookmark and Share

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Most popular Attractions in Serbia

The park has many caves and picturesque waterfalls and forests are ideal for walking.

Devil's Town - Represents about 200 stone eroded pyramids higher between 2 and 15 meters. Since 1995 have been declared a natural landmark. This natural attractions in Serbia is located in the southern part of the country.

Beautiful Attractions in Serbia

National Assembly of Serbia - interesting building with a more interesting story. Construction began in 1907 by architect Jovan Ilkich. But he suddenly dies and plans to build a mystical disappear. Construction work stops and new architectural plans prepared by his son Paul. In 1936 the building was officially opened, which is the park Tasmajdan. It was proclaimed the freedom of Serbia.

Gamzigrad  Romuliana - Remains of Roman Palace is located in the eastern regions of Serbia. It dates from the late third by order of Emperor Gaius Valerius Maximianus. The mother of the Emperor is said Romula - Felix Romuliana from where its name. The whole complex includes: forts, palace, basilicas, temples, hot baths and Tetrapylon.

Petrovaradin fortress - was built by the Austro-Hungarian engineers in the late 17th century to the city of Novi Sad on the Danube. Climb up to the terrace of the castle and nasladeta the amazing views of the surrounding area. Here experts say is the largest art area in the world. In the summer installed 25 stages and four days while you can hear rock, metal and alternative music. Under the castle is 16 km underground tunnels that lead to different parts of the city.

Zica Monastery - built in memory of the first Serbian king Stephen I of 1206 to 1217. The architectural style is similar to that of the monasteries on Mount Athos. The monastery has been repeatedly destroyed and subsequently rebuilt over the centuries. Its main role is to protect the independent Serbian Church. Inside this architectural attractions in Serbia can see murals painted by artists from Constantinople 13th century. The facade of the temple is red.

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