Top 10 attractions in Senegal

Attractions in Senegal are among the most important in West Africa, although the country is very poor, rely heavily on foreign aid. Borders with countries like Gambia, Mauritania, Mali and Guinea Bissau unfortunately are equally poor. Senegal's capital city Dakar is famous, better known to fans of the World Rally Paris-Dakar rally. Because Guinea shares a border with Senegal in good intentions you can visit the most important attractions in Senegal.

As you land at the airport "Senghor" you will feel that you are in fact a great American ghetto, poorly paved streets and no sidewalks, you will not see large supermarkets and the small shops, which sell everything you need such as food and domestic household goods. Exceptions are the residences of wealthy people and hotel complexes.

Dakar has 720 km. coastline with the Atlantic Ocean, making it a desirable tourist destination in West Africa. Senegal is a country for people with adventurous spirit, because it offers exotic journeys by sea and land.

The climate is subequatorial with pronounced two areas in Senegal. Northern arid and rainfall is extremely low, and the south has a humid hot climate, rich flora and fauna. One of the landmarks in Senegal's Island of Saint-Louis.Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Senegal

Here you can see a large number of French colonial buildings on the background of low storey buildings where people live in the area.

Natural attractions in Senegal could mention Retba lake that changes color at different times of the year. Its color changes from purple, pink to dark blue. This is because bacteria that give different shades of water.

In Senegal there are several national parks, the most famous National Park Djoudj, located in the northern part of the country and passes through Senegal River - the largest river.

Visited an average of only 10,000 tourists who did not regret it because you can enjoy the flamingos and pelicans piled on a small perimeter.

More than 400 birds and animals inhabit this very beautiful reserve, which is listed by UNESCO as a protected area. Three kilometers by sea from the capital Dakar is a small island with about 1000 people - Goree Island.

The town is now an important port for trade with peanuts, peanut butter, because the location of Goree Island is very good and prevents storms ships moored to the shore.

The most important landmark of the island of national importance is the house of slaves, which in 1962 was turned into a museum. According to historians, this house has played an important role in the transfer of slaves from West Africa to Latin America.

The opposite side of Dakar, ie to the west is another beautiful island National Park Madeleine. This island is rocky and barren. According to ancient beliefs, the island is haunted by evil spirits, and is therefore uninhabitable. However, if you went to relax in peace and quiet for the most beautiful beaches in Senegal. This is the beach near the capital Dakar and beaches Ile N'Gor and Toubab Dialao.

South of Dakar also has great beaches that are more comfortable with many water attractions, including jet skiing and diving. Petite Cote is one of them, and in the vicinity is the resort Sali and M'bour.

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