The most important attractions in Sedir island

Sedir island, which is known as the island of Cleopatra is a unique paradise in the Gulf Gekova whose sandy beaches lie on Roman ruins. The area with sparkling white beaches and deep blue waters surrounded by a cloak of green hills.

To get there from Marmaris or Icmeler, waiting 12 -N, N. way through pine forests and farmlands that takes you to a small bay, from where with one of the fishing boats after about 20 minutes you find yourself on the island.

Sedir Adasi enchants with its blue, turquoise waters, Roman ruins - the amphitheater, the towers and the remains of a church that was once built here. Locals say that the gentle, crystal white sand was brought here from the Red Sea from Egypt behest of Mark Antony and Cleopatra for their honeymoon. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Sedir island

It is assumed that the island's history dates back to the Doric civilization until the 4th century BC. is the island was under the control of Spartan Lusandar. When, later in the era of hegemony of the Roman Empire, Antony visited the island, he remained captivated by its beauty and decided to gave it to his beloved.

According to one legend, Cleopatra refused to set foot on land that is not Egyptian. Therefore Antony brought sand from Egypt to satisfy the desire of the "queen of queens". Today almost no tourist who does not try to take back a little of the precious sand. This is prohibited by a government order to be able to be saved one of the greatest treasures of the island.

Cleopatra baths or bay with the baths of Cleopatra is a spacious bay with numerous pine trees and blue waters, a color change in the sky with his approach. In the southwestern part of the bay has ruins of buildings that were destroyed as a result of a major earthquake in Fethiye. According to legend, which tells in one of the visits of Cleopatra on the coast of Anatolia, her friends decided to build its Roman bath as a gift, because right here discovered hot mineral spring whose water had a very beneficial effect on the skin.

Many attribute the unearthly beauty of Cleopatra namely the healing effects of those rich in calcium and magnesium waters. In the past, the water flowed from the crater of nearby mountains. Today the crater is dry and longing for eternal youth guests on the island remains the only opportunity to swim in the crystal clear waters of the bay.

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