Amazing Castles in Scotland

Interesting facts and events about castles in Scotland will bring in the years of the Middle Ages and feel the spirit of feudalism and opulence of wealthy Scots during this age.

Cawdor Castle -  it was built approximately 1400 near the town Neyrn. This castle in Scotland is one of the best preserved in the country. There are many well-preserved relics family over the centuries, the most interesting of them is an original built kitchen carved in red soil.

Balmoral Castle - the most beautiful palace complex in Scotland, summer residence of English kings and queens. Located in County Aberdeenshire and was bought by Queen Victoria. Queen ElizabetII makes a special park around the castle, which in the last 20 years is very well landscaped and maintained.

Inveraray Castle - located in the west of Scotland on a small hill near a small creek. This is one of the most beautiful castles in Scotland, owned by the Campbell family already 400 years. This is a great destination if you want to walk in the beautiful scenery of Scotland.

Glamis Castle - undoubtedly the most mysterious and mystical castle across Scotland. Extremely beautiful palace from the 14th century, the family owned Bous Lions. Bookmark and Share

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Medieval Castles in Scotland

Inverness Castle - a medieval building located on a hill in the center of Inverness. The current building is relatively new – 1836.  In the summer season organized many cultural events - exhibitions of objects and paintings from the Middle Ages. Around the palace complex has a well maintained park designed for relaxation of the tourists.
Eilean Donan Castle - located in the mountains of Scotland on a small island between three beautiful lakes. This is a castles in Scotland emblematic of the region. It has featured in many postcards and is located 8 km from the palace of the clan McCloud. The main feature of the castle is Mrs. Donna keep Kanteyl area of the Viking invasions. .

Dunnottar Castle - Located in northeastern Scotland nose jutted over the rocky coast. In the Middle Ages looked very impressive, majestic and impregnable, but now only ruins. The history of this castle is related to William Wallace, who set fire to the church, which was settled by the English garrison in Danotar in the movie "Braveheart."
Palace Linlithgow - located 15 miles from Edinburgh. The main purpose of this castle in Scotland in the past was as a stopover between Edinburgh Castle and Stirling Castle. Unfortunately, two major fires in 1424 and in 1745 permanently destroy this magnificent castle.
Stirling Castle - built on the volcanic rock and has been the scene of many historic battles. The reason is the strategic position of the fortress, because only through it can go from north to south and vice versa. From the construction of Stirling Castle in 1110 until the end of the Middle Ages is repeatedly destroyed and recovery. Interest to tourists is inside the fort and in particular the throne room.
Edinburgh Castle - Located in the capital of Scotland and is a symbol of the city. It rises in Castle Rock from the 11th century and near it is the oldest postroyna in Scotland - St Margaret's Chapel. In front of the main entrance there is a statue of King Robert the legendary knight William Wallace.

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