Landmarks and attractions in Sardinia

The most visited attractions in Sardinia are along the coast. The seaside is heavily indented by rocks, among which there are calm gulfs with lonely beaches, perfect for privacy.

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean, with separate control status, although it belongs to Italy. It is located west of attractions in Italyand the south of its neighboring French island of attractions in Corsica .

Its population is just over 1.5 million inhabitants and humid climate is Mediterranean. Sardinia is a beautiful blend of exotic beaches and exclusive luxury of the rich people on the planet.

Chief and largest city on the island is Cagliari and most luxurious resort Costa Smeralda. The resort is located in northeastern Sardinia, about 50 km beach, covered with four and five star hotels "Jack d'Erika" and "Capo d'Orsay" offering super luxury family holidays.

The region has a marina, golf course and spa sorts ticklish Centers for rich people. In good weather seen in the distance neighboring island of Corsica. Bookmark and Share

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Incredibly attractions in Sardinia

Other interesting attractions in Sardinia are Tavolara, small in size but very cozy island north-east of Sardinia, which soars above the sea 600 meter limestone cliffs.

If you accidentally break coincide with festival under the stars "Cinema Tavolara" around July 20th do not miss it.

Immerse yourself in the traditional atmosphere of the old town of Cagliari, namely Castello district. There are many restaurants, serving Italian specialties and of course pizza. The most interesting attractions in the city are "Neptunian" cave located north of the city and Cathedral and St. Francis Church. Another attractions in Sardinia is Alghero.

Here the influence of Spain is reserved for hundreds of years. Small, narrow streets, restaurants right on the street, offering wine tasting and premium seafood are some of the highlights of this unique city.

Amazing attractions in Sardinia

Another interesting finding of interest to visitors to the island of Sardinia's Cala Gonone. Years ago it was inaccessible by land, but dug a tunnel in the mountains near the town Dorgali. The area is very quiet beaches, high mountains and underwater caves Bue Marino Grotto, which is accessible only by boat. Castelsardo medieval town located in the north, and there still stand the ruins of an old castle.

Visit also elephant rock, this is a prehistoric tomb and rock under the influence of time is shaped in the form of an elephant. Many of the surrounding islands around the main island sardinella are converted into protected areas. These include La Maddalena, Caprera, Capo Testa and Santa Teresa Gallura.

The influence of the former inhabitants of Sardinia - Phoenicians, Arabs, Spain attractions formed the culture and lifestyle of this paradise. This is most felt in the abundance of seafood and varied cuisine. Try Sardinian cheeses, local wines, dishes of lobster and octopus, as well as traditional Italian pasta and pizza.

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