Santa Cruz Archipelago in the Pacific Ocean

The Santa Cruz Archipelago in the Pacific is part of the Solomon Islands. The map is barely visible because they are located southeast of the Solomon Islands and northwest of Vanuatu.

They are rarely visited by tourists because they are volcanic in nature and the soil is limestone. The most populous is Nendo Island, with about 8,000 people mostly Polynesians.

They are mainly engaged in fishing and agriculture. Bookmark and Share

Santa Cruz Archipelago photogallery

The best experience in Santa Cruz Archipelago

There is a coral reef around Nendo Island that protects it from the great waves of the Pacific. However, in recent decades, several tsunamis have invaded the Santa Cruz Islands and have caused extensive material damage and casualties to the local population.

There are only one-storey bungalows here and there are almost no hotels to accommodate tourists. From the point of view of Europeans, life here is boring and monotonous. The largest city of Lata is located on Nendo Island and offers a wide variety of hotels and seaside attractions. There is a surf school, you can dive or go fishing.

The prices of services are low, but the road to it is very high, which makes the visit of tourists here more expensive. The next largest is Vanicoro Island and next to it Tevai Island. They are separated by a small gully that can be traversed without the aid of a boat. Here is the highest point of the Santa Cruz Islands, about 900 meters away, where beautiful panoramic images can be taken in clear weather.

Here is the monument of Captain Laperuz. His expedition ended with a shipwreck in 1788. Shipwrecks and crew belongings have been found to support this claim. The Santa Cruz archipelago has no asphalt roads, but narrow paths that can be walked or cycled.

You can rent a scooter or jeep to tour the larger islands. Most often, lonely yacht or catamaran travelers come here, stay for a few days and continue to landmarks of Vanuatu or landmarks of Solomon Islands.

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