Polynesian lifestyle and attractions in Samoa

In the Pacific there are many and varied islands, some of which are particularly attractive, such as attractions in Samoa. Surely you noticed how the lives of the local population takes somewhat monotonous sameness of execution, but at the expense of free and healthy.

Meet the nature of French Polynesia lifestyle extremely beautiful islands of Samoa.

This trip will take you back like a time machine into the past to experience the culture of the local population, such as it was 2000 years ago.

Attractions in Samoa are mainly associated with the nature of the islands, as they are the most sought after photographers of the so-called Islandscapes.

Some islands are ideal places for scuba diving and fishing. Divers will not be disappointed.

There are two major islands of Samoa - Upolu and Savayi. Generally, these are volcanic, mountainous islands with dominant subequatorial climate. Samoa's capital Apia is rather sparse population though is Polynesian.

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Top attractions in Samoa photo gallery

laguna of Samoa
coral reef of Samoa
Ofu Olosega of Samoa
Pago Pago of Samoa
nature of Samoa Pago Pago
Papapapaitai Falls of Samoa
Piula pool of Samoa
polynesian of Samoa
Tutuila of Samoa
National Park of Samoa

Most popular attractions in Samoa

Papapapaitai Falls - Located on the island of Upolu and is 150 meters high. Extremely beautiful waterfall which falls in gutter water in a thick wet vegetation in the crater of an extinct volcano.

On the island of Upolu can bathe in the next attractions in Samoa - Pool Cave  Piula. This allowed young tourists to bathe in the fresh water that is warm and shallow, of course for a small fee. Piula is located far from the coast of a rocky shore.

Beautiful attractions in Samoa

Pago Pago - A small town in American Samoa has a population of 2,000 people, but very rich tropical beaches surrounded by reefs with narrow coastal plains of volcanic origin.

The only means of livelihood is fishing and canning of tuna.

American Samoa National Park - complex there are three islands: Tutuila, Ta'ū, Ofu Olosega.

Since it is located between the equator and the Tropic of Capricorn climate is tropical.

Here you can see three species of bats and twenty species of marine birds. Another interesting city with very hospitable population Salelologa.

Peaceful town located between the Cook Islands and Fiji attractions .

On this island there are first class hotels and restaurants, white sand beaches and tropical attractions that you sluzhava to visit and see.

Perhaps one reason is the small number of tourists visiting the town every year.

Climb of Mount Vaea. Although the peak is only 472 meters above sea level, the view of the whole island of Upolu, in particular the capital Apia in the north of the island.

The main attraction in Samoa is the grave of Robert Louis Stevenson, who lived in the last four years of his life here.

His colonial home is a museum.

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