The most beautiful landmarks in Salvador

Speaking of Central America, not to mention the most interesting landmarks in Salvador. Decades this incredibly beautiful country was torn by civil war. It is one of the poorest in the region, but it remains a dream dreamed of curious tourists.

Unlike Guatemala attractions and attractions in Honduras, this terrain is not mountainous and dominated by low levels in flowing over 300 rivers. In Salvador has a very beautiful lakes, some of which are in the crater of a volcano. This lake is Coatepeque.

There is a small island that was important to the Maya in the past. Coatepeque Lake is one of the largest lake in Salvador after Gyuiha. We can divide Salvador 2 parts - north and south area. The southern area is covered by about 20 volcanoes that rise above the wooded valley and is one of the landmarks in Salvador. Bookmark and Share

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Natural landmarks in Salvador

Fortunately for locals only two are active - San Miguel and Isalko. Problem for the country are frequent large destructive earthquakes, as this country is in a very active seismic area and the intersection of three tectonic plates.

The climate is tropical with two distinct seasons - winter rain and summer is hot and dry. Hurricanes are also frequent, which further destroys Salvador. The capital is San Salvador - megalopolis with many interesting historical monuments and architecture.

Historical landmarks in Salvador

Be sure to visit Joya de Ceren, La Libertad Department, it is an ancient Mayan village, which has remained to the present day thanks to the layer of ash as a city under Mount Vesuvius Pompeii in the Roman Empire.

The site is protected by UNESCO as a cultural heritage.

Tourism flourished in recent years. Gives an opportunity to the tourists to tour Salvador so-called cultural tours to get acquainted with the history and customs of the Indians. Salvador is the only country in Central America without access to the Caribbean Sea.

However, the Pacific coast offers many beautiful beaches, such as: Cocal, San Bla, Sunzal and El Tunco. There is another landmark in Salvador which is worth visiting - Lake Ilopango volcano of San Salvador.

Along the coast there are many first-class hotels, which have a rich local cuisine, dancing and entertainment for tourists. Wildlife is very well preserved. There are many rare birds, plants and animals unique to that latitude.

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