The best vacation on Sal island and Cape Verde

Sal island and Cape Verde, a must-have destination for those of you who want to travel all the countries of the Earth. I begin my story first about the Cape Verde archipelago. It is located near the African coast, but not so close, traveling constantly. Generally, most tourists who come here for an unforgettable vacation arrive by plane.

Unfortunately, flights are not a frequent phenomenon, and so there are not so many tourists here. Apart from the fact that the supply of hotels is limited, prices are therefore cheap. The island of Sal is located in the  north-eastern end of the Cape Verde archipelago.

Here the conditions for windsurfing and surfing are great, there are not many tourists like the other islands. Most of the time tourists are on the beach, where they are active, away from the noise of big cities. You have the opportunity to visit Crioula Beauty Center, where the water is very salty and real you can stay on the surface without any problems.

It is located in the southern part of the island of Sal, where are the most beautiful beaches. You can organize excursions to the island or use the services of local travel agencies. How is such a walk going? Bookmark and Share

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The best experience on Sal island and Cape Verde

You leave the selected hotel in the west with a motor boat or a small boat depending on the number of passengers. You arrive at the first beach of Igrijinha and several deserted beaches to Murdeira Bay. Here are also several hotels for tourists, restaurants and cafes.

A better option is to go to Palmeira to make your lunch break. There is a commercial port and two natural pools of Aragon and Burakon. In the northern part are the natural saltings of Pedra de Lume. We have explained that this is a volcano from which salt is extracted.

From there is the name of Sal Island. About 10-15 meters is the altitude of this place and has a pretty neglected appearance. From there you go to the capital of Espargos. A small town in the center of Sal. Here is the highest point on the island below 100 meters. At the end of our tour we have planned a stop for Ponta Preta and Dune Beach. Here you have the opportunity for several hours of beach and return to the hotel at Santa Maria.

All this costs about 50 dollars. Of course, the tour can be done by bus or car rental. As we wrote at the beginning of this article about Sal Island, you can also take a stroll to the neighboring islands of Boavista, Fogo, São Nicolau or São Vicente. Separately, of course, after a short flight by plane. It is important to know that not every island in the Cape Verde archipelago has an airport. For this reason, it is difficult to walk around for a few days.

We have traveled many islands around the world and I can tell you that this is not the most beautiful place, but it is worth a few days. It depends on which season you will come to the island of Sal. However, the proximity to the equator is too great so do not hesitate.

Remember, if you want to take a closer look at main attractions of Cape Verde, you will need at least a month of time and more money, but it is worthwhile.

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