Tourist landmarks in Rwanda

Landmarks in Rwanda call them additional land of a thousand hills. This is because the majority of this beautiful African country is covered with green hills, tea plantations and gardens.

Rwanda offers tourists who have decided to visit the natural resources of the country friendly people, lakes, mountains and volcanoes. In northern Rwanda is located the Virunga Mountains. The territory of the mountain has six extinct volcanoes and most famous landmark in Rwanda mountain gorillas.

One third of all mountain gorillas is located here. They are protected from poaching by law, who is very strict for offenders. Volcanoes National Park was first established on the continent of Africa. There are specially built eco trails to monitor mountain gorillas and birds in the area.

Virunga Mountains offer more climbing and boating in lakes Burera and Ruhondo. Most of the volcanoes are sleeping except volcanoes Nyiragongo and Nyamuragira. Bookmark and Share

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Natural landmarks in Rwanda

The highest volcano Karisimbi - 4507. Within the Volcanoes National Park Crater Lake is located Ngezi. Another interesting landmark in Rwanda is Mount Karisimbi.

The climb to the top could be done in two days making a rest at an altitude of 3.700 m. The peak of the mountain looks like the white shell, from where the name originates Karisimbi.

Visit the National Park Nyungwe. Very well kept park with beautiful trails crisscrossing walks wildlife park Nyungwe. Here live 25 endemic bird species and the largest concentration of chimpanzees in Africa. Nyungwe National Park can make camping at designated places.

The park grow over 150 species of orchids, which ranked Rwanda first in the world in concentration of orchids.

Most visited beautiful landmarks in Rwanda

Here is the oldest forest in Africa that has survived thousands of years after the last ice age. National Park Akagera is located on the border with Tanzania, named after the River Akagera, which runs east to the park.

This river feeds Lake Ihema and several small lakes.

Acacia hills and Brachystegia Woodland has beautiful pastures for wildlife in the park, which you can watch safely if you go on safari there.

Rwanda is one of the poorest countries in the world, the population is engaged in agriculture, but keep their traditions and customs. The capital is Bigali, the dances and the songs are exotic and free education.

If you need to make a comparison between Rwanda and attractions in Tanzania, then you can boldly say that both places have a lot to see. But Tanzania is more popular in the tourism industry.

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