Attractions of Rottnest Island - oldest resort in Australia

If it accidentally travel around the world on a yacht and you are near to Australia and the Great Barrier Reef, then do not miss the opportunity to visit attractions of Rottnest Island.

The Great Barrier Reef called "coral paradise of Phenomena of Australia." It is known as the largest biosystems of the planet and one of the few objects that can be seen from outer space. It includes a nearly 2900 reefs, 300 islands and coral cays, some of which are covered with exotic vegetation. Great Barrier Reef is the longest coral reef in the world (2000 km). Is home to over 400 species of coral formations and 1,500 species of fish.

Great Barrier Reef is a tourist attraction. Attractions of Rottnest Island is an exceptional place for relaxation and walk, which is situated near southwestern Australian coast. The nearest village to it is the city of Perth, whose beach is about 20 km towards the continent. From there you can take high speed ferry, which will very quickly reach the shores of the island. Located in the crystal waters of the Indian Ocean Rottnest is 11 km long and the width 4, 5 km, which make it especially easy to view. The island does not allow any cars.

The only way to explore the beautiful bays, low hills and several lakes like rent a bicycle for $ 30 per day. Despite its small size Rotnest island has much to offer the thousands of tourists coming here to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. Bookmark and Share

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Rottnest Island Quokkas animals

Many Attractions of Rottnest Island

The island has only one village, which impresses with its colonial architecture, historic buildings and old churches. During World War II to the highest hills on the island Rottnest were built several large artillery pieces.

Amazing attractions on the Rottnest Island

Today they no longer work, but have been turned into a tourist attraction, many visitors walk up the weapons and their bunkers.

Nearly 500,000 tourists visit this beautiful Australian coast each year. There are attractive opportunities for boating with a glass bottom, kayaking, diving and snorkeling.

Water views offer a range of handsome coral reefs and transparency blue waters. Since this Rotnest is the oldest Australian resort, becoming one more in 1848, it is especially popular destination.

That is why it is good to make a reservation if you plan to visit the site. His name is given by the Dutch explorer Willem de Vlaming, who in 1696 stepped on this shore.

Traveler think local small marsupial - kvoki in mice and named the land - The nest of rats. One of the natural attractions of Rottnest Island are its salt lakes. Located in the northeastern part of the island and have the following names: Government House Lake, Herschell Lake, Serpentine Lake, Lake Baghdad, and Garden Lake.

It is interesting to note that some of the lakes are freshwater. North of Rottnest Island is well preserved wilderness. Here you will see a very interesting animal, much like a large rat, which is actually a marsupial creature - Real natural attractions of Rottnest Island . When the Dutch navigator Willem De Vlaming walked for the first time on the island he confuses that rats are kind of island where he baptized this animal - Island Rottnest. By 1914 these animals have served as food for prisoners exiled to the island. Today they are protected by law and their population is restored.

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