The most exotic holiday of Cayo Levantado

Choose a different experience, such as Cayo Levantado's romantic vacation. This is a truly tropical island that will make your fantasies come true as soon as you arrive here. First of all, the place is a private property located in Samana Bay.

There is only one five star Gran Bahia Principe Hotel and several very beautiful beaches. For your information here are all the ads of the so popular Bacardi rum. For this reason, the island is known as Bacardi Island.

First of all we have to mention the beautiful sandy beaches and the pure turquoise water. It is also warm all year round, which is particularly important for tourism in the region. But let's go back to Cayo Levantado's vacation. Prices are quite high compared to the rest of the city of Samana.

There are three large beaches, one being public - Playa Grande. There are many dining venues and cafes with fresh drinks.

There is freshly prepared fish caught by the bay and typical Dominican specialties. Souvenirs have enough, but our advice is to buy them from the city of Samana. Bookmark and Share

Holiday of Cayo Levantado photogallery

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The best beaches of Cayo Levantado

The other two beaches are pristine and the access there is limited to the guests of Gran Bahia Principe. Visitors to Cayo Levantado can easily explore it because there are paths that can be found in all the important places.

Even for the lazy ones there are electric cars used for golf. With them you can move freely around the island. Small parks and gardens are well-kept and can even see free-colored parrots.

We can also offer diving in the coral reefs around the island of Cayo Levantado. While some are diving, others may engage in fishing. The fish caught can cook it right at the nearby restaurant.

Finally, let's add the lush greenery that surrounds this beautiful place. Here is almost all water sports. The sounds of the waves are heard at night and are pleasant to the ears of the rest because they are soothing.

If your vacation is between January and March, you will have the unique chance to watch humpback whales that gather in this part of the world and multiply. As a result, it becomes quite lively here. However, the island of Cayo Levantado is a quietly lost romantic place in the Caribbean.

If you have fun, there is an option to take a one-day excursion to the Limon Falls, at the foot of which you can even swim. The most remarkable thing here is that there are many places to consider in Dominica as long as you have more time.

For them, you can read in our article attractions in Dominica. Explore the romantic holiday of Cayo Levantado photo gallery and choose when you want to visit this paradise.

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