The most important Ritual Tana Toraja

Ritual Tana Toraja Sulawesi described by me because I was amazed at the way this holiday is held. We came at the right time at the right place, It is good luck. The holiday itself is a few days a year and, in truth, Dutch missionaries have encouraged the islanders to keep this ritual Tana Toraja without the sacrifice.

Although the population is Christian, traditions have been preserved to this day. They are known in the world with their strange funerals. For Toraja, the day you die is the happiest day in your life cycle and the funeral expected is spectacular because your soul goes to heaven. Every family must slaughter between 3 and 24 buffaloes and countless pigs.

Then all men are invited to celebrate magically the sending of the dead man's soul. Due to the high cost of the Toraja banquet, funds are collected for a long time. The dead man is embalmed and lives in the village for months in special Tongkonan premises.

Tongkonan is the typical Sulawesi island house that resembles the front of a sailboat. There are three types of Tongkonan. Great Tongkonan, in which the family lives, middle Tongkonan in which is stored rice and a small Tongkonan for the dead.

As I have already mentioned, the dead are embalmed with formalin and placed in a coffin. It is believed that Toraja, the family member is not dead, but is sick, so every day there is food and drink. Bookmark and Share

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The neighbors also come to visit him. In general, the body is treated as a living person. If the dead man's family is poor, it is not months to collect money to bury. The body is treated with a special mixture of leaves to avoid the terrible odor.

When the money is gathered for the funeral, there is a great celebration, where everyone is invited for the special ritual of going to heaven in heaven. It is then buried in the karst rocks, placing the coffin in specially made holes. Nowadays, tombs can be seen as with Christians. Interestingly, for example, when the corpse is a child.

The body is placed in a carved tree, and if the child is small and his teeth are not born, it is placed in a bamboo stem. It is believed that the child grows with the tree. Although this ritual Tana Toraja Sulawesi, seems to us to be an absolute barbarity, here on these lands, this is a very worshipful holiday. Apart from every 3-5 years, relatives take the body to change it, walk it and meet it. They spend one day with him and then return it back to the tomb.

I saw young people who even make friends with the dead. Extremely interesting ritual and traditions for us Europeans. Since 1965, a law has been enacted in Indonesia, which obliges people to register their religion and ban old customs. However, the ritual Tana Toraja Sulawesi has been preserved. Let us recall that 80% of the population is Christian and only 9% Muslim. Crafted with curiosity, we continue to the Rante Pao area, where there are dead, coffins ...

The local population is very helpful and helps us. Here, Europeans are seldom here, and people are looking at us with curiosity and rejoicing. You will notice in the photos the interesting form the houses I wrote above. In front of the house are hunched horns.

By the number of buffalo horns we can see how many sacrifices have been made. Inside is cool, airy and cozy, and outside temperature is over 30 degrees. I was impressed that most of these houses were built more than 100 years ago. People have modern phones and live in them. Do not you think a strange job?

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