Great natural landmarks of Reunion Island

Amazing and breathtaking views from extremely beautiful Reunion Island. Place worth to spend an unforgettable and adventurous week. A little-known island in the Indian Ocean is Reunion Island. Years ago was called the island of Bourbon. It is an overseas territory of France, located 800 km from nature of Madagascar and 180 km from nature in Mauritius.

There is about 270 km long beach with perfect conditions for year-round tourism. Draws an average of 300 thousand tourists a year, because the favorable tropical climate and relatively low in these latitudes temperature and humidity.

On the Reunion Island has 3 volcanoes, one of which is current (Piton de la Fournaise -2631 m).

Actually the most visited attractions on the island are precisely those three volcanoes.

The highest point on the island is the volcano Piton des Neige 3069 meters. Customers remain amazed by the shapes that form volcanoes. Bookmark and Share

Reunion Island photo gallery

bigest fall Reunion Island
Piton de la Fournaise in Reunion Island
falls in Reunion Island
Gorges Bras de Caverne Reunion Island
best picture of iron hole Reunion Island
breathtaking volcanoes picture in Reunion Island
landscape in Reunion Island
panorama photos of Reunion Island
view of Piton De La Fournaise Reunion Island
unesco area Reunion Island

Volcanoes and canyons of Reunion Island

By its location and origin that lies above the hot crust Réunion much like the attractions in Hawaii islands.

An area of ​​100 sq. km. you can watch the steep slopes resembling amphitheatres lunar ridges and eroded rocks. Reunion island itself is a protected area with lots of wavy relief, lush, dense jungle, numerous waterfalls. The view is great if you rent a helicopter, which can descend into deep gorges and canyons.

Reunion Island is sometimes swoop of tropical cyclones, which bring with them torrential rains that affect the well-humidity loving plants.

Sea beauties of Reunion Island

Here grow over 100 species of ferns, orchids, mimosa and others. The fauna is limited and there's an explanation, owing to Reunion Island from the mainland. Of course there are several types of chameleons, over 30 species of birds and insects.

Eco tourism is very well developed. There are some 600 km of trails well suited, of course with a guide or instructor who you will be accompanied.

Besides its natural beauties of the island of Reunion has many cultural and historical resources in Saint Denis administrative center with well preserved colonial buildings and old Indian temples.

For tourists who are mainly from France and came to spend a holiday there are many surprises. They can stay in smaller cities such as Saint Pierre and Saint Gilles Les Bains. Ideal for its white sand and beautiful coral lagoons.

One of its attractions is diving, which the exception is resolved. The local population is engaged mainly in the cultivation of sugar cane and other crops, rum, vanilla.

Do not miss this very small but very beautiful island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean. You will not notice how quickly you pass your unforgettable holiday.

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