The most important attractions in Leros

Relaxed vacation on Leros Island, this small, beautiful island is not very popular with tourists. Travel agencies usually do not offer it on the list of destinations, so you have to organize your trip there by yourself. Leros is one of the most green islands in the Dodecanese.

Its length from the northernmost to the southernmost point is 20km and its coastline is a total of 71km, consisting mainly of small bays and beaches. The whole island can safely tour and explore for a few days. The reason for his isolation is somewhat his bad reputation in the past - Lars was sent to political prisoners, and the acting psychiatric hospital further aggravated the glory of the island. The nearest islands to Leros are Patmos in the north and Kalimnos and Kos in the south.

You can reach it by ferry or plane - there is a small national airport on the island serving flights to and from Athens. Leros has about 10 settlements, mostly concentrated in the central part of the island. Architecture is mixed, bearing some signs of the Venetian and Ottoman domination. The largest settlement and capital is Agia Marina, almost merged with the neighboring villages of Pandelion and Platanos. Other places are Alinda, Laki and Xirocambos.

Laki is the largest island on the island. The most interesting places to visit Leros are the windmills above Pandelion and the old Byzantine fortress of Panagia, located on the top of a hill above Platanos. Both sights offer panoramic views of the sea and the island. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Leros

Around Leros there are many small islands to which you can go by boat. Leros Island is located north of Kalimnos and is a hospitable and prosperous island, but not a modern and popular tourist destination. An excursion to him would only be successful if he was self-syndicated.

Leros Island is the green paradise of the Dodecanese. The picturesque coastline is due to the beautiful small bays and beaches. The whole island can safely tour and explore for a few days. Leros Island is a compact island, so its main tourist resorts are close to each other.

Leros has about 10 settlements, mostly concentrated in the central part of the island. Their architecture has different styles and signs of Venetian and Ottoman domination. For example, by mentioning Lakki, the association is immediately with the fascist version of ar deco. The Italians came to Leros Island in 1935 to build an important naval base.

This is how Laki was born, which was a short time on the geographic map of the island. The decision that it is too large for the small number of inhabitants has led to the decision that the wide boulevards should be deserted, and that the gray-colored monuments should be lost.

Today there are processes of restoration of this source of history. To the north of Laki there is another creation of nature - Vromolithos, which is famous for its sandy and stony beaches. The capital of Leros Island is Platanos.

It features the impressive fortress of Panagia, which belonged to the Knights of the Maltese Order. Platanos flows into the picturesque port village of Agia Marina, which can not dream of a more beautiful location - located in an ideal bay. Next to it are the two oldest resorts in Leros - Alinda and Kritoni.

A major advantage of the island is its small national airport serving flights from and to Athens. Leros is a perfect destination for people looking for a relaxing holiday in an authentic Greek atmosphere. Around Leros there are many small islands where you can go by boat for rent.

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