The most important attractions in Rarotonga

Rarotonga splendid tropical island surrounded by sparkling blue lagoon tour with only 32 kilometers. Sunlight shines on this enchanting place almost throughout the year, sea water is always warm and transparent, and her swim all sea creatures.

Rarotonga is a true gift of nature and if you accidentally visit will be charmed by the preserved nature. The view is really impressive against the intrepid fishermen who cast their nets and provide food for the population and tourists. The peaceful sometimes even boring atmosphere contributes to a truly relaxing family holiday.

The combination of coconut palms and coral reef clean fine white sand and hot sun only complement Eden picture of this place. Rarotonga is the largest of Cook Islands, inhabited mainly by Polynesians 3000 years ago. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Rarotonga

Thanks to the giant double peeled canoes, which today is made is made possible resettlement of these island nations. Polynesians are well known maritime navigation, orienteering are the stars and therefore have come from New Zealand.

This can be felt from the culture and lifestyle of the population, much like the Maori. Music and dance are specific and only here you can see and hear. Especially at night campfire get ready to take part in dancing with swinging hips to the rhythm of drums and coconut shells.

Traditional arts - darvoreba, painting and weaving are an integral part of the heritage that is alive for centuries to centuries. We will not see many of the advanced technologies of the modern world. We strongly recommend that you hire a scooter, which is free to explore the island for a day.

Of course there are private bus with the help of a tour guide will show you the most interesting places on Rarotonga. There is plenty of food, which is available on both sides of the road (mainly mango, taro and bananas).

In good will can join the eco-tourism trails through the jungle. Your guide will tell you many interesting stories - love affairs, wars, weddings and talk of a forgotten world. Essential for Rarotonga's lagoon and its marine life. Water is a vital component of this island - fishing, swimming and snorkeling, trolling along the bottom, sailing, etc.

Flora and fauna thrive here because people are reasonable and live by the laws of nature. Rarotonga can be an escape from the modern world even for a week. Enjoy this amazing place.

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