The most important attractions in Rangiroa

Rangiroa atoll in French Polynesia is the second largest atoll in the world is made up of 240 small islands covered in palm trees that form a protective oval around the turquoise lagoon measuring 78 km to 24 km. All these islands are separated by small channels that can be traveled on foot.

A two Avantaru Strait and Tipu join the lagoon to the ocean. The small islands of the atoll were the most bizarre forms. The lagoon of Rangiroa is so huge that it can embrace with a glance even from an airplane. The entire atoll has two villages inhabited by people located in its two opposite sides.

Later it turned out that other location is currently used only by locals who watch copra (oil derived from the dried interior of the coconut), but to be loaded with supplies, it is necessary to go all the abyss in the middle of the atoll for to come to our town. And it stretched the modest 10 km of the total length of the atoll exceeding 200 km. Bookmark and Share

Attractions in Rangiroa photogallery

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Natural attractions in Rangiroa

Rangiroa is located in the Pacific Ocean and is part of the Society Islands of French Polynesia. It is located 350 kilometers northeast of Tahiti. On Rangiroa Polynesian means "endless sky".

Perhaps so named because of the blue lagoons that seemed to rise up on their toes and gently kiss the sky, merging with it. Unlike vertical profiles of Bora Bora and its adjacent him volcanic islands, Rangiroa is flat, but like them magnificently green. The island is called "aquarium of God."

It is a favorite place for gmurachi from around the world who are addicted to traveling in a radically different world, a world of silence, beauty and natural wonders. All snorkelers can use the services of exquisite diving center "Blue Dolphins", which offers modern equipment and experienced instructors.

And beginners and experienced gmurachi will be amazed by the graceful and richness of the marine world. Rangiroa is a paradise for swimmers who have the pleasure to swim in the breeze stroked the quiet waters of the Pacific Ocean and a paradise for lovers of the sun, which can admire the wonderful white beaches.

Connoisseurs of luxury can not pass by neglect and indifference chic complex "Kia Ora" with its 10 luxury bungalows surface, and excellent restaurant with wonderful cooked meals of fresh fish and seafood caught literally in his backyard. For those who are bored and want to break away completely from civilization recommended a route ultimate experience "Robinson Crusoe."

This is a one-hour boat trip to the 40-acre islet Kia Ora Sauvage. In this self-imposed exile for only 10 guests shipwrecked no electricity, no phones, no air conditioning, no internet ... and imagine! There is not a problem!

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