Arabic historical landmarks in Qatar

The eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula 160 kilometers in the Gulf are extremely interesting for the Western world landmarks in Qatar. This country is one of the world's first accepted Islam as early as 628 years after Christ .

Emirate of Qatar is bordered to the west and south by Saudi Arabia. Before being discovered huge deposits of oil and natural gas on the peninsula , the country was extremely poor. Territory Qatar is a desert with a few oases scattered randomly in it. The climate is tropical dry with rainfall below 100 mm per year.

The country has no freshwater rivers and lakes and is forced to filter salt water to make it drinkable. There are known deposits of underground water, but they do not reach. Thanks to the discovery of oil, Qatar can afford to introduce high-tech processing salt water. An important event for the country is due in 2022. This is the World Cup in 2022.

Qatar was chosen before Australia, USA and Japan.

This is an ideal opportunity to gather the attention of the whole world and to show that it can organize such large-scale games. Bookmark and Share

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Brief information about the landmarks in Qatar

Preparation of stadiums and infrastructure is entrusted to foreign companies and cities offered to host the games are already known. These are capital Doha, Luzano, Al-Wakrah, Ash-Shamal, Ar-Ryan, Al-Haur and Umm Salaam.

Let us just mention that the national team of Qatar football no part of such finals. This is an ideal opportunity for the team to present itself as the host of such a high forum.

Which are still landmarks in Qatar, which must be mentioned, if you want to visit this Arab country. Of course we have to start with the capital Doha.

The most interesting landmarks in Qatar

Not many people know that the headquarters of Al-Jazeera television is right here. The city is one big metropolis with ideal conditions for urban and seaside tourism. Visit the amusement park Aladdin Park Dahl El-Hamam and park Al Rumail.

Another attraction is a desert safari or a cruise around the peninsula of Qatar in the Persian Gulf. 19 km from Doha is located the fortress Umm Mohammed Salah. It was built in Moroccan style in the 19th century during the Ottoman rule. From a cultural perspective, we suggest a visit to the town of Al-aurochs. Here the most archaeological finds.

Most of them have been declared cultural heritage by UNESCO. Qatar visit an average of 150,000 tourists a year. Most of the beaches are deserted because the water is very shallow and salty, it is not for swimming but it does not rescue units to help when needed. Living in Qatar is very easy because everything is free.

There is work for all public services are absolutely free, there is no income tax, and according to some historians in Qatar build skyscrapers because the country has no history. It is interesting what happens with this rich country when oil, which was opened in 1939 over?

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