The most important attractions in Formentera

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Places to visit in Formentera you can make a nice day trip if you are on holiday on the island of Ibiza. This is the smallest island of the Balearic Islands, located to the south of Ibiza just 4 kilometers water.

Formentera is an autonomous region and one municipality, together with the other Balearic Islands - Menorca, Mallorca and Ibiza. The population is about 12,000 people who deal mainly with fishing and agriculture. In recent years there has been increased interest in tourism because of the many beautiful beaches on the island and temperate Mediterranean climate.

The terrain is flat and the vegetation is mainly pine and mixed forests with large stretches of sand Duni. In the north of Formentera, there are two small uninhabited islands Espardel (60 ha) and Espalmador (240 ha). If you are looking for solitude this is your island, because here couples seeking natural beauty and its bizarre forms.

A large area of ​​coast is rocky cliffs on which was built the only functioning lighthouse - one of the attractions of Formentera. A favorite place of famous artists and literature who are captivated by nature and tranquility offered by this place. Because of its small size and proximity to places in Ibiza noisy place somehow not as frequented by younger tourists. Ordinary Europeans do not even know about the existence of this enchanting place. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Formentera

Romance, comfort and relaxation do not like particularly adventurous people. However, it is the taste of the rich and famous who want to escape the big city. There are several shallow lagoons, which in summer are preferred by yachts and catamarans.

Just drop anchor and swim in the warm crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean. The only drawback is the lack of large stores from which to buy food and souvenirs. For this pre stack up on food and water for several days if you want to spend no problems on the island of Formentera. In other words, do not go there with any expectations.

Everything is radically different from the other Balearic Islands, if you live in another human era. Even some visitors would say that this is the island of Robinson Crusoe. The most interesting is that those who have visited at least once this place later want to buy property and spend the rest of his life here.

Of course no one is building a luxury house or a multi-storey hotel on the unwritten rules of the island. small cottages have their own power supply and drinking water, which is rare. Thus disturbing nature and not pollute the environment. Each house has a solar panel on the roof.

How does one day on the island of Formentera, some would say boring, while others quietly romantic. You get up early in the morning, bathed in the warm waters of the sea, drink your morning coffee and then immediately walk on the beach. You can go to the nearest shop or restaurant and eat a coconut cake. This is the specialty of each institution.

At dusk gather neighbors and no occasion to draw a cold beer and comment on local news and politics. shopping is not much, but all prefer to shop in Sant Ferran and eat in restaurants in this small town remarkable.

On Formentera does not matter who you are or how famous, but how will adapt to the atmosphere of the island. It does not have special behavior, and to order a drink burning and to loosen up the vibrations of this enchanting place.

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