Historical and natural places in Jordan

The most important places in Jordan are related primarily to the Biblical history of this country. For this reason, the state is a preferred destination for tourists and pilgrims of the Christian and Muslim religions. Natural places in Jordan are not really as big an area is rocky desert terrain. Of course by saying Jordan is typified by the ancient city of Petra , which is known by many Hollywood movies.

Petra is located in the valley of Wadi Musa , near the Gulf of Aqaba . All buildings are carved into the rock , making the impression of color gradation scale from dark brown to cream . In the past, Petra was an important commercial center located at the crossroads which was destroyed by an earthquake in 363 , another reason, according to experts is to be abandoned town is changing trade routes in the past.

Another interesting attraction is a desert place with rocky hills to 1750 m - Wadi Ram. Located in the southern part of the country, 60 km from city of Aqaba. There are several distinct sites for panoramic observations of the area. You will learn about the lifestyle of the Bedouins will have the opportunity to sleep under the stars and explore the rocky labyrinths of Wadi Ram. Bookmark and Share

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Pleasant walk among the places in Jordan

In places the rocks have been preserved drawings of more than 4,000 years. Only information can mention that the difference in temperature between day and night is more than 30 degrees.

Visit Dana Reserve, the largest in the territory of Jordan. Here the main places in Jordan are over 100 archaeological sites, a wide variety of sandstone cliffs and 600 species of plants , 45 species of mammals, 180 species of birds.

Wonderful moments among places in Jordan

Dana Reserve is ideal for eco-tourism , rest before heading to Madaba and the Dead Sea. Our excursion continues to the ancient city of Jerash. The city was founded by the soldiers of Alexander of Macedonia, then came the era of the Roman Empire and the Middle Ages.

There are quite a preserved architectural monuments mainly from Roman times, Roman baths, fountains, triumphal arch , Roman stadium and others. Our next stop in a tour of the places in Jordan is town Kerak.

Located in the western part of the country interesting set of a hill 350 meters above the site. The fortress was built between three massive towers that protect the city from unwanted guests.

The reason for the construction of this fortress defense of the Crusades. Currently there is a museum with interesting artifacts Household Islamic peoples through the ages. From all the towers we can see the Dead Seawhich may attributed to attractions in Israel. Jordan's capital and largest administrative center is Amman.

This cosmopolitan city is the perfect combination of Islamic culture and contemporary western world. For tourists there are special tourist routes to enable visitors to see the Temple of Hercules, the Roman theater, Byzantine church, palaces and Omiad Bismillah and others.

The ability to view all places in Jordan are many and hardly a trip of two weeks should be sufficient.

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