The most important attractions in Pitcairn Island

The lonely Pitcairn Island in Pacific Ocean is little known to the world because of its remoteness from major continents. The closest islands to the west French Polynesia, and residents are about 50 people. They all know and are like one big family.

Each member of Pitcairn Island can do several things and is accustomed to the harsh conditions of nature. Perhaps you've heard the story of the ship Bounty, which will not waste your time in reading, but one thing is certain that the first settlers of the rebel crew and two dozen men and women from the island of Tahiti. Pitcairn Island documentary is part of the overseas territory of the UK, although it receives no support from there. What can be seen here from inquisitive tourist accidentally stumbled on this forgotten place at nothing. Several rocky bay that are not suitable for beach holiday, but rather for fishing. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Pitcairn Island

Since the island is small, movement becomes ATV cars that come with each member of the island. Dirt roads are everywhere, no electricity on the island, and electricity is through gasoline generators.

Pitcairn Island is volcanic in nature and vegetation is mostly tropical, predominantly more bushes than trees. In practice, if you happen to come across this godforsaken place, you can tour one day. Adamstown is the only village in the eastern part of the island and is named after the last survivor of the mutiny on the ship Bounty.

Most of the population have relatives who speak somewhere between a Tahitian and English. Remains of Bounty can still see the place where intentionally burned the ship. Life here runs slowly even boring, no stress and noise of the city, nature is unique, and the water clear and warm almost all year. There are no crimes and doors of the houses are not locked.

Not everyone would have endured this life, but if by chance you want to become resident on the island of Pitcairn have to fill out an application to the consul on the island. Unfortunately candidates for the inhabitants of Pitcairn Island will. Even tourists avoid this place for obvious reasons.

Ships often dock here. Before being settled Pitcairn Island was covered with dense forests, which later were removed and replaced with planted vegetable gardens and palm trees. All arable land is distributed equally among the residents. Livestock is represented by goats and poultry. Fishing is also good daylight and satisfy households with fresh fish. About island of Pitcairn dangerous reefs and because large ships do not come near.

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