What photos can you see from Banff National Park

Photos from Banff National Park for those who want to visit it. The park is beautiful both in summer and winter. You can see it at all seasons, you will still see a difference in the photos. Most of the images I uploaded to the gallery are from Peyto and Bow Lakes. Bookmark and Share

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What is photogallery for Banff Park

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What are the most interesting places in Banff National Park

They are not as popular as the Louise and Moraine lakes, but their colors are mostly blue. The park is located in Alberta, Canada. The other two parks near this one are called Yoho and Jasper, which are also terribly beautiful and worth seeing. 3 years in a row I go there every summer. Incredible!!!

In the next few days I will try to show you a small part of these beauties .... for those who were not of course! Even the photos can't quite picture what I saw. 2 hours I could not gulp.

Every year the place becomes more famous and if you go at peak time you will catch claustrophobia. I was experiencing a great cold, and it was the end of June at one time I remember that my youth was warming me, but now I have fresh news for you friends that it is no longer warming me.

3 days later, it was snowing so hard that I didn't get cold. Num-Ti-Jah Lodge is your one-stop destination for logistics and convenience. It is located on Lake Bow at Icefields Road.

The closest is Calgary. Fishing and tourism are offered here in the summer. The cottage also has a pleasant atmosphere and coffee. The furniture is like a hunting lodge - everything is made of wood.

The restaurant offers local food, a stone fireplace that is very proud of. On the walls you can see hanging nature landscapes and hunting trophies. There are several eco trails that connect Louise Lake, Peyto Lake and Hector Lake.

With its natural features, Banff National Park is one of the most beautiful and visited in Alberta, Canada. If you like the peace and quiet of the mountain, this is one of the places we recommend.

This is one of the places in the rocky mountains of America and Canada that we highly recommend. Places are a favorite for photographers and adventurers. The nature here is unique and intact, with the exception of several hotels and chalets built in the right place and carefully maintained.

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