The best Natural attractions in Peru

Most people on Earth have heard and learned about the natural attractions in Peru from television or magazines such as National Geographic and very few of them have touched live with these natural beauties. So you do not hesitate and definitely visit this beautiful and exotic country. Sacred Valley serves as a buffer zone because it protects the city of Cusco antis, fierce jungle tribes who from time to time invaded the mountains. Today the Sacred Valley remains a great agricultural region offering a large proportion of their output by as corn, fruits and vegetables to Cusco city.

In the past, Lake Titicaca was a sacred lake of the Incas. And so far along it is people who keep the ancient handicrafts traditions and folklore.

Their ancestors built Tiahuanaco - eternal city and the legend in their veins run black blood. They deal mainly with fishing boats and they are in the form of rafts of reeds.

Near the water, locals grow vegetables.

Titicaca is one of the largest high mountain lakes in the world. In stormy weather waves are as big as the sea. Therefore, it is known as continental inland sea.

The water temperature is around 12 degrees because it is at high altitude is 300 meters deep. Bookmark and Share

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Manu National Park in Peru
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Peru lake Titicaca
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Peru Nevado Mismi
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Peru titicaca
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Peru Sacred Valley
Peru volcano crater

Natural attractions in Peru - Lake Titicaca

Due to global warming lake water has decreased dramatically, and this causes irreparable damage to flora and fauna in the area.

Located in the Peru and reaches a height of 5597 meters. Its structure is volcanic, and glaciers on its slopes are a source of water for the Amazon.

160 km. west of Lake Titicaca is located Nevado Mishmannah and 700 km southeast of Lima.

There are many natural attractions in the mountains. You can even see  attractions in South America - camels and guanacos, which are almost to extinction and feral camel - vicunas.

The first Europeans conquered the summit is Jean-Michel Cousteau in 1983. He discovers that it is the glaciers of Nevado Mismi supplied largest river in the world Amazon. Those of you who want to spend exciting adventures natural attractions in Peru offer visit The Colca and Cotahuasi Canyons.

These are two canyons, which are twice deeper than the Grand Canyon in the USA. There are well-established eco tracks and terrain suitable for mountain biking and rafting. With luck, you may see one endangered bird - condor.

Gocta Cataract - this is the highest waterfall in the Andes in 2006 and is one of the natural attractions in Peru. Is 771 meters high and is visible from miles away. Waterfall in the Amazon region and ranks third in the world by height after Tugela Falls in South Africa and the Angel Falls in Venezuela.

El Misti Volcano - Another interesting natural attraction for climbers in Peru is the highest volcano in the country. It rises 5,821 meters above sea level, there are two convenient route to the mountain top. El Misti Volcano is located in the mountains near Arequipa and is present in Inca legends. Manu National Park - this is natural attractions in Peru under the protection of UNESCO. Biodiversity of tropical forests is great for this purpose are special ecological zones.

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