The most beautiful peaks in Bulgaria

The summer months are the best time for a tour of the highest and most beautiful peaks in Bulgaria. Bulgaria also boasts many interesting places to visit, as well as natural landmarks and historical monasteries in Bulgaria. These are places that everyone should see and feel the energy of these magnetic parts of this small Balkan country. Mountains, greenery and tranquility, the pleasure of the soul is guaranteed.

Here's a short list accompanied with pictures of the most famous mountains and peaks in Bulgaria that I've visited. Musala - 2925 m high, located in the Rila Mountains, easy to climb in the summer, the most convenient route is to take the lift from the mountain resort of Borovets, then walk on flat terrain Musala hut lasting about one hour. Rest of the hut and drink coffee because then you expect a steep but pleasant climb to Mount Musala in about 3-4 hours. On a clear day photos that you do are amazing. Second in our list is Vihren - 2915 m. Bookmark and Share

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Most visited peaks in Bulgaria

This is a preferred destination for tourists lovers of Pirin Mountain. There are several options to climb to the top for beginner hikers offer departure from Vihren. If you are looking for magnificent views of the lakes and mountain peaks, one of the places I recommend Muratov peak is 2669 meters.

Since he is in the middle of the Pirin Mountains, on a clear day you can see wonderful views of incomparable with other similar areas in Bulgaria. Sinanitsa peak - 2516 m. Located in the southwestern Pirin and can not be confused with any other peak in Bulgaria because of gleaming gray marble. For those of you who want to feel the adrenaline in your blood offer to climb mountains - Kutelo 1 and 2 Kutelo mountain ridge through Koncheto to the peak Banski Souhodol.

This difficult transition will enable you to see large gaps that have taken a lot of casualties in recent decades. Our walk continues in the Balkan Mountains and its leader Botev Peak - 2376 m.

Amazing mountain views from peaks in Bulgaria

Climbing Mount Pleasant, except the strong wind blowing almost all year round, which I will remember it. The most convenient climbing north of Pleven hut and hut on the south side Rai hut.

Nearest to Sofia Vitosha is a favorite place for residents of Sofia. There is a mountain peak Black Peak - 2290 m. From the top on a clear day is a wonderful view to the Sofia plain, and in the distance the Balkan Mountains to the north and south of Rila. Our brief but exciting tour will end with the most visited tourist sites in Bulgaria - Seven Lakes. Do not forget to be surprised of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bulgaria.

Sure to see them high must clamber Otovishki peak and slightly lower in the east until the lakes all be seen in one plane. Here for a few hours you can reach the peak Maliovitsa - a favorite place for Bulgarian climbers.

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