Attractions in Paris in the summer

To explore the tourist attractions of Paris, you need not days, not weeks or even months. This global capital of Europe and the world has collected in itself the cultural and historical monuments that you will not see in one place in any other city. Paris has a rich history, but good growth during the Middle Ages.   Like say Paris is typified for its emblem, namely the Eiffel Tower - 320 meters high with the antenna that is visible from all corners of this magnificent city. Built for two years for the World Exhibition in 1889. Paris is part of the attractions in Europe, why not in the world.

Weighs over 10,000 tons of iron on three floors with options or upload the stairs or take the elevator. Louvre - incredibly beautiful museum housed in a huge area. In 1989, inside the Louvre glass pyramid was built, which adds in a modern way the general vision of the whole historical complex. In the Louvre has more than 35,000 works of art (ceramics, sculpture, paintings).

Notre Dame - this is perhaps the most famous gothic cathedral in the world and certainly one of the most beautiful attractions in Paris. Popularity comes from an interesting fact that here was crowned Napoleon Bonapard. Bookmark and Share

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It is so great that there is often held concerts for 9000 spectators.

Arc de Triomphe - another interesting attraction in Paris. It was built to commemorate the defeat of Napoleon, as it is currently a museum. Two columns of the arch are of white marble with a magnificent painted reliefs.

Historical and cultural attractions in Paris

Be sure to take a ride on a ship on the river Seine. Paris is built precisely on this great river which runs through the whole city. Along the way you can make great pictures on both sides of the river, which has built many bridges with interesting structure.

Sacre - highly visited attraction in Paris, especially on the weekend. About Basilica is beautiful meadows to walk, but in the building are the largest bells in the world.

Palace of Versailles - located 20 km from Paris in the beginning was the hunting lodge of Louis XIII. Later, Louis XIV, the Sun King, who is known for his great extravagance, Versailles palace becomes one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. Currently it is a museum that is visited annually by millions of tourists. Be sure to see the chambers of the king and queen, the halls of Apollo and the mirror room. Around the palace is very well landscaped gardens which are maintained from the time of Louis XIV.

Streets and boulevards of Paris are very lively, there are many shops and administrative buildings. The most famous street is the Champs Elysees, which has even written a song that was popularized boulevard. If you like walking we recommend Bois de Boulogne, the Botanical Garden and the Vincennes woods.

For the curious of you can point out the very religious place of love that is Moulin Rouge. We have a recommendation. At this point keep your personal luggage from theft. Enjoy an incredible vacation among the attractions of Paris.

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