Tourist landmarks in Papua New Guinea

Landmarks in Papua New Guinea belong to the Oceans and the eastern part of the second largest island on Earth - New Guinea.

Unique country with many well preserved wildlife and hospitable local population, which will show you the culture of their ancestors and their curious customs. The island is located south of the equator, the climate is tropical, with frequent monsoon and heavy rains.

Plant species are thousands, only for information can be added the presence of 3,000 species of orchids. The fauna is similar to that in Phenomena of Australia - tree kangaroo, cassowary, cassowary and bird of paradise.

Tourists will enjoy a walk in the wild, diving into the deep ocean, surfing and food specialties tion exotic cuisine. Most of the food is made from pork, rice and sweet potatoes.

For dessert you can taste pineapple, mango, passion fruit and bananas. A large part of the culture, especially dance rituals associated with death. Bookmark and Share

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Landmarks in Papua New Guinea

Let us not forget that when the first Europeans arrived in the islands, the population of Papua New Guinea were savages.

Human life has not been as important then as it is now. The most interesting sights in Papua New Guinea are related to nature. Our excursion begins with a mountain range Bismarck range.

The highest peak Wilhelm rises 4509 meters above sea level. If you want to climb you will see changes from dense tropical vegetation in the lower parts of the mountain up to 3000 meters and then gradually turns into alpine vegetation.

For people who prefer the challenges of nature and offer exciting hiking trails Kokoda Track.

The most interesting landmarks in Papua New Guinea

Long is about 60 kilometers and can be driven for about 3 days. On this trail there are several deaths of unprepared tourists dared to confront the great nature.

Every year since 2005 there is a race for the fastest crossing of the trail Kokoda Track. The record is about 17 hours. The longest river in Papua New Guinea Sepik river. It is one of the few deep rivers on Earth that does not have built a dam. Downstream Sepik river you can see uncontaminated biological ecosystem, tropical forests, swamps and mountains.

The second highest mountain in Papua New Guinea is Mount Giluwe. Mount Giluwe rises to 4367 meters and climbs fairly easy. The mountain itself is a volcanic rise about 650000-800000 years.

If you want to see an active volcano, this is New Britain island near the town of Rabaul. Tavurvur volcano is located in the eastern part of the island and last erupted in 2013. Currently out of the volcano only dense clouds of smoke.

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