10 Panoramic photos of Teide volcano

Panoramic photos of Teide volcano, Spain's highest point. The volcano is located in a huge national park and attracts tourists and trekkers from all over the world. The lunar landscape is constantly changing. From lava, it passes into enormous bizarre formations and ends in dunes with overflowing colors.

If you want to climb the highest volcano in Spain in only ten minutes, you must visit one of the Canary Islands - Tenerife. The mountain peak, which in the past has created many problems for locals, now brings them money because it is among the mandatory stops for tourists visiting Tenerife.

From the top of the peak, almost all other pieces of land from the Canary Islands can be seen. But the incredible panorama is not the only reason to take the covered lift from its foothills and to get to the top of the volcano for only ten minutes. I made beautiful panoramic photos of Teide volcano in the morning, when I understood the weather forecast.

If you do, you can feel literally above the clouds. Because of its high altitude of 3718 meters, the tip of Teide is often above them. Measured from the bottom of the Atlantic, the sleeping crater is 7,500 meters, making it the world's highest volcano after Hawaii. The lift does not reach the highest point, but if you are an enthusiast you can climb for a few hours. Bookmark and Share

Teide volcano photogallery

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The best photos of Teide volcano

Not only day trips to the volcano, but also climbs from the foot of the volcano, with a sleeping on its stone shoulders. Do not be tempted to take a pebble from the mountain. It is absolutely forbidden.

Besides the salty fines, you will also have to endure the inconvenience of the cries of the everyday guardians of this local natural wealth. So do not be tempted to leave the outlined paths and enjoy pictures of one of the many panoramic sites or rocks on the routes.

The view near Teide is almost surreal because of the bare volcanic rocks in whose inhospitable embrace some places have found a way for cacti, flowers and shrubs to exist. Due to the similarity of the picture with Mars, there are also scientific studies related to the red planet.

The locals, called guanci, believed that the Teide volcano supported the sky and prevented him from falling on the ground and destroying all his inhabitants. According to the legend in the crater of the volcano, the devil or mischievous deity Guaioita is closed.

In fact, the devil himself is to blame for the closure in the volcano. Because in order to harm the local deity Mahek, he first lured him and abandoned him in the crater of the volcano. TrŠ°vel to Tenerife island is a plane, and between Canary Island is a boat.

But the local guanci asked their supreme god Achaman to correct this injustice, and while the good deity was released, the bad Guyota took his place and to this day, according to beliefs, he was locked in the Taide crater.

During the eruption, the guangas burned fires around the volcano to scare the devil and he did not come out of his prison. In fact, Teide's last eruption was relatively recent - in 1909.

The mountain, as the volcano's locals have said today, has begun its formation significantly more than 180 million years ago.If you are lucky, you can make beautiful panoramic photos of Teide volcano only in clear weather and wind blowing clouds covering the top. It is good to know if you want to see all the attractions of the Canary Islands.

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