20 panoramic photos from Ushuaia Argentina

Panoramic photos from Ushuaia Argentina or as they call it the end of the world. Although some travelers consider this city to be the center of the country because of the strange ambition that a piece from Antarctica belongs to the homeland of Gauchus. In my opinion, this is one of the the Land of Fire main landmarks. Getting there is a challenge well rewarded by the almost pristine mountains and islands cut east to west by the Beagle Strait. Bookmark and Share

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The best panoramic photos from Ushuaia

It is here that the largest southern port on the continent where ships to Antarctica depart. I've been here a week and let you know that I've never seen such a clean port near nature before. In the past, prisoners were sent here because this place was 3000 km from Buenos Aires.

Currently Ushuaia Argentina is a very popular place especially in summer. One of the attractions in Ushuaia Argentina is eating a big crab that costs $ 100, but you can choose it for yourself while alive. After you have prepared it with the help of special scissors and clamps, eat it.

Another interesting event is a catamaran trip through the Beagle Strait, or one that has been known since the Charles Darwin trip to attractions of Galapagos islands.Ushuaia Argentina is a poorly visited place because of its remoteness in Patagonia, but many natural attractions can be seen here.

So you can check out my collection of panoramic photos from Ushuaia Argentina including rocky mountains, lakes and rivers, glaciers and glacial fields. Summer is short, but on the other hand, the day is up to 18 hours. And the last attraction in Ushuaia Argentina is the Fin del mundo sign in the End of the World translation. In my opinion, this is pure advertising and nothing more.

It is similar to think that it is fashionable for every city to have an advertising banner on which tourists can be photographed and prove that they have visited a certain place. I personally think the natural attractions of the Falkland Islands are similar to these here, so you can go there if you like.

All I have to do is mention other landmarks worth visiting such as the Maritime Museum, the End of the World Museum and the industrial area of ​​the city. On the other side of the strait, you can see the snowy, mountain peaks of Chinco Hermannos, Mount Olivia, Escarpados. Enquayonado River runs to Ushuaia Argentina.

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