The most important attractions in Pangkor

Pangkor island vacation in the wild, translated as "Beautiful Pangkor" is a small island on the northwest coast of Malaysia. Its total area is only 8 square kilometers. , and its population is 25 thousand inhabitants. On the other hand, thousands of tourists visit it every year to enjoy its wonderful coral beaches.

Pangkor was once a real paradise for fishermen, sailors, merchants, and pirates. Today it is popular with its beaches and the relatively low prices of five-star hotels. Fishing continues to be one of the main activities of the local population, but tourism is the leading industry that brings significant income to the island's economy.

What a man can do on an island like that, except lying on one of the white-sand beaches on the canoe, snorkelling in the crystal blue waters, jungle trekking. No less attractive is the opportunity to taste the exotic fruits of the island and no less the exotic dishes prepared in the local restaurants.

Prefer to avoid going to Pangkor during school and public holidays as well as weekends if you want to enjoy clean and peaceful beaches.

If you want to touch the lives of local people, you can visit the fishing villages on the east coast. In the city of Lumpum and Telluk Batik you can taste sepia and anchovy dishes. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Pangkor

Another obligatory city is Pangkor, the same name, which is quite busy in the morning when fishermen bring fresh fish to the market. On Pangkor there are several beaches for recreation and swimming as best to go to the west of the island.

The best beaches on the island are located on the Coral Bay on the west coast, where the waters are emerald green and the beaches are not overcrowded with people. Another famous beach is Pasir Bogak, which features fishing, boating and diving facilities. Pasir Bogak is a long beach in the shape of a crescent with nice sand and sea. Now there are a lot of hotels on the shore and this is certainly a negative sign of a visit. If you are resting in the inactive season, you will not meet many people.

Beach Teluk Nipah during our visit was more lively, although many seaside resorts were closed. There are several guest houses and resorts, as well as more expensive hotels, cafes and restaurants. The beach itself is quite narrow, but the overhanging trees provide a pleasant shade. Local residents offer a wide variety of water sports: diving, jet skiing and more. Do not miss to visit other interesting attractions in Malaysia if you have enough time and a desire to walk.

Coral Beach. All this is perhaps the best beach of Pangkor - wide, white sand and clean water at sea. Nearby there are several resorts and cafes, water sports. Especially nice to come here early in the morning when the sea is just charming and peaceful.

Beach Pantai Puteri Dewi, as far as I understand belonged to the luxury complex Pangkor Island Beach Resort, it is possible to have access to the beach but still check it out. In addition to the beach holiday on the island there are several interesting sights.

On the east coast is a large Chinese temple Fu Lin Kon with a smaller copy of the Great Wall of China. There, on the east coast, look at fishing villages and ships. Just south of the town of Pangkor there are remnants of an old Dutch fort if you have the opportunity to visit it.

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