Magnificent attractions in Panama and exotic beaches

Incredibly beautiful and very colorful, attractions in Panama captured tourists for its beautiful scenery and hospitable population.

The country is one of the first places visited per capita. Most people associate Panama with the popular Panama Canal that connects the the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

In recent years, however, highlights the country's tourism offering unique natural and architectural attractions.

Attractions in Panama are the perfect for summer holidays with his exotic archipelago of six islands, known as Bocas del Toro. Hotel prices are reasonable for the services offered. The capital and main city of Panama is a very strategic position. Literally 30 minutes by bus you can find yourself in the untouched rainforests. Panama Nature will show you the largest variety of birds in the world. The most famous destination in Panama remains "Canopy Tower". Bookmark and Share

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Archipelago bocas del toro Panama
Panama Bocas del Toro
Natural canal in Panama
canal in Panama
Fall in National Park Chagres
National Park Coiba jungle
Panama pajaros bocas del toro
Panama capitol attractions
National Park Cerro Hoya

Tourist attractions in Panama

The fact that attractions in Panama has access to two oceans shows how much of the Caribbean style beaches have.

Caring for the convenience of tourists is major task of local authorities. Crime is very low, and many resorts are - Coronado, Banana Village and Contador.

For lovers of birds will offer Paypland Road Reserve with record number of birds flying there daily.

The country offers visits to Indian reservations and tour of the rainforest. There are five tribes with their own language and culture, at the request of tourists to share their table and overall hospitality.

Life is as it was before colonization by the Spaniards of Panama.

For diving enthusiasts there are several world famous attractions in Panama such as Bocas del Toro, the islands of Pearls, Isla Grande and others.

You do not necessarily need to know Spanish to get along with panamtsite because most know English, as the dollar is the preferred currency for shopping. National parks are also one of the attractions in Panama. We can offer visit the largest of them:

National Park Coiba Island - located to the west in Veraguas Province, as there are a wide variety of marine ecosystems and well preserved rare species of plants and animals.

National Park Chagres - If you love cycling you will be able to view detailed park. Chagres interesting offers panoramic views and visit the rare species of plants.

National Park Cerro Hoya - This natural attraction in Panama offers a walk in the park, which is by nature a tropical desert. There are a lot of well-preserved archaeological sites. Near Cerro Hoya has several comfortable accommodation hotels at affordable prices.

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