The most important attractions in Palawan Island and El Nido

Palawan Island and El Nido a desirable destination for me. There are 4 rounds around the islands around, with prices ranging from 1200 to 1400 PHP (about $ 25- $ 30), depending on the type, you can market. Everyone has lunch and eventually snorkeling. Besides the price of the tour you have to pay is 200 PHP eco-tourism fee in Philippines, which is valid for 10 days.

They can also be combined, with a slight discount on the price. Logically, in a combination of two rounds, there would be a jolt of places visited because there is no way to see in one day all the places that could be seen for two. In bad weather, there is a formal ban that boats travel, and sometimes tours take place only to the nearest islands. Everywhere we asked, we were told that in time, they can not guarantee us if they will be resolved the next day.

It is best to come in the morning at 8.00 am and then we will know for sure. There was nothing left to do but to go out in the village and pick out which delicious fish to eat. El Nido is a tourist destination but the prices of food in the restaurants are quite reasonable - fish - about 200-400 PHP, small cancer - 200-300 PHP, beer - 60 PHP, mineral water - 30 PHP. There are many restaurants, some of which are on the beach, and the tables are located on the sand. Everywhere in front of the restaurants there is fish, we only had to choose which one we want to eat and how to cook it. We ended the hammock in front of our hotel with cocktails in hand, blissfully forgotten the rule that in Asia it was not advisable to drink something on ice. Bookmark and Share

Palawan Island and El Nido photogallery

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The next morning with great effort we got up before 08.00 and headed to the nearest agency, they told us to wait, which gave us hopes that things might still be possible. Unfortunately, there would again be no tours around the islands, they offered us to do if we wanted one in the interior of Palawan.

We refused, we decided that we needed a break and we would go to the nearby Las Cabanas beach alone. We took a tricycle from the center to take us to the beach (100 PHP - about 2,5$), where we were lounging for the rest of the day.
They gave us about half an hour for snorkeling and a beach. Small Lagoon - located on Miniloc Island, snorkeling and horseriding. There was a stop for lunch, of course we are supposed to stop at an island where several other boats have already stopped. Secret Lagoon - here is an incredibly beautiful beach surrounded by high karst rocks, which I think we took too little time.

Personally I could have been here all day! From what we saw from the underwater world, I was impressed that the reefs around El Nido are unfortunately dead. They were told that the tour would end at 4pm, the previous evening we had tickets for one bus to Puerto Princesa at 6pm It was near the airport and even offered a free transfer there.

The next morning, we had the opportunity to sleep a little longer, eat breakfast and go to the airport to fly to our next destination, Cebu Island, from where we would catch a ferry to the island of Bohol. Puerto Princesa  airport is very small, looks like a bus station. Just a little irritating the fact that it is not included in the ticket price and you have to queue and do nonsense.

To conclude, I want to say that the island of Palawan is definitely worth it - not just El Nido, there is still plenty to see. Two or three days are scarce, but no one is to blame me for making such a dynamic program. It can also be combined with Koron island- the other pearl in the area, but provided you have at least 2 weeks in order not to be a big gauntlet, and you can enjoy all the beauties safely without worrying whether today the boats will travel orno.

We have given up this option because transport between the two islands can only take place with an 8-hour voyage by sea. And at this end of the world and during this season that we had chosen for a trip, as we later convinced ourselves, whether a boat trip will take place is a great deal of time.

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