The best Natural attractions of Palau

Little is known about attractions of Palau in South Pacific. Palau archipelago is located in the Pacific Ocean east of the Philippines surrounded on all sides by the waters of the Pacific. Although the archipelago is quite isolated from the rest of the world, the diversity of species is high.

Just here to meet three main ocean currents that carry a wide variety of fish - 1,400 species and 600 species of corals. Natural attractions of Palau is a very attractive destination for people practicing diving (scuba diving). This is where the greatest diversity of marine life on the ocean floor of Palau. Do not miss one of the most popular natural attractions of Palau, namely Ngatpang Waterfall in Koror.

Is 20 meters high, but the beauty comes from the large area of the waterfall, and the environment around it.

The path that leads to Ngatpang Waterfall is easily accessible, and the sounds of animals and birds in the area makes you walk very attractive. In recent years, attractions of Palau developed a very successful tourism especially after running the crow flies "Palau Micronesia Air" to the arhipelag in 2004.Bookmark and Share

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Peleliu of Palau
Ngardmau Waterfall Palau
bridges of Palau
The Blue Corner of Palau
Small island of Palau
Ngemelis Wall Palau
The best resort of Palau
Palau Badrulchau
Jelly Fish Lake of Palau
snorkeling of Palau

Peace and quiet are priority for local authorities. It also has many wonderful beaches, forests, great waterfalls and other natural attractions that are conducive to the development of sports such as climbing, paragliding, hiking and more.

Environmental protection in natural attractions of Palau

Natural attractions of Palau is filled with numerous caves where you can see ancient inscriptions and drawings of indigenous peoples of the archipelago.

One of the largest aquariums in the world is located here on the island of Malakal. Scientists do their experiments in order to preserve for posterity natural environment of th Pacific.

Another natural attraction of Palau is Jellyfish Lake - unique in its composition. Deep is about 10 meters and diving is prohibited because it is very toxic. Babeltaup volcanic island is very beautiful beaches and impenetrable jungle in the interior.

Dense forests have not been studied, so basically there are villages that can be reached only on foot through narrow paths in the jungle.

If you still dare visit them and you will not regret, because there are lot of interesting places to consider, such as the mysterious ancient stone monoliths, proving the existence of an ancient civilization.

Ngemelis wall - real natural attraction of Palau is Ngemelis wall. According to experts, this is the best vertical wall diving in the world. The dive starts at 2 feet deep and can reach up to 1000 feet. Here there are some of the most beautiful species of colorful corals, brilliant sponges, and giant sea fans.

Badrulchau - Located on the island of Babeldaob, and consists of 39 monolithic blocks in different sizes. This is one of the tourist attractions of Palau, which is a real mystery to scientists. Even if the images are not very clear what they are.

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