The most important attractions in Oahu

Oahu the most famous Hawaiian island is the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands. It attracts tourists from all over the world because of the capital Honolulu in the Gulf Paradise, Palace Yola, Stairs Koko Head, beautiful scenery and different ethnic groups with their culinary traditions.

One thing is sure fall in these places the traveler will spend an unforgettable vacation here. If you are in the right place and time will attend the celebrations luau, which means feast.

This is a Hawaiian custom incorporating the weaving headgear strung Hawaiian garlands of flowers, javelin and tasting juicy meat, traditional cold coconut dessert haupia, taro rolls of traditional Hawaiian music.

Visit Palace Yola, the only one in the USA - the official residence of King Kalakaua and his sister Liliuokalani.Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Oahu

If you have extra money you can spend them on souvenirs at Aloha Stadium's Swap Meet. On this famous street offers traditional necklaces, Hawaiian shirts, figurines of Havana and beach towels. During the tour you can drink energy drink directly from coconut coconut.

The staircase Koko Head is another challenge on the island of Oahu. Over 1000 feet waiting for you if you still visit this scenic place.Located at the southeastern end of the island, and the trail itself was a former railway line that had supplied military during World War II. If you do decide and reach the top you will see a high-town Honolulu. North Beach is an attractive place for surfers.

Right here it has popularized the sport in the 19th century by the famous competition "Triple Crown Surfing av." The best time is during the winter months when conditions are most favorable. Oahu is the largest volcano Diamond Head with a height of only 231 meters. Visit Pearl Harbor museum or climb the ship Missouri to experience World War II through the eyes of the remains of attack Japan. We left most beautiful Hawaiian Waikiki Beach at the end of our virtual tour of Oahu. Here are the most popular and expensive hotels in Hawaii. Night clubs work all night and all offer entertainment, which can remember.

Oahu is a true tropical paradise emblem for dream vacation. Soft sandy beaches combined with delicious Hawaiian food are part of the challenges of this place. Visitors to Oahu can taste food restaurants around the island at an inflated price. Some travelers believe that the Hawaii volcanoes are isolated destination in the Pacific Ocean are right, because in order to reach there have to travel thousands of nautical miles. But I think it is worth the effort. I highly recommend not to miss this opportunity to enjoy Oahu and its beauty.

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