Most beautiful landmarks in Norway

Some tourist landmarks in Norway are one of the most beautiful on earth. Norway is rich in natural phenomena, very clean environment and a high standard of living.

The country is among the first in the longevity of the population and gross domestic product. Although much of the north of the continent of Europe and the cold months are prevalent, it is not an obstacle to develop tourism - especially during the summer months.

Jagged coastline, forming a large number of fjords attracts big interest in this part of the country.

The main landmarks in Norway:

fjord in western Norway are first on this list. Actually, these are the largest fjords on Earth a miracle of nature - and Geyrangerfiord Naeroyfjord. Fjords in Norway has previously taken glaciers, which over the years have retreated and stripped these rocks. Bookmark and Share

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Top 10 landmarks in Norway

An interesting fact is that water does not freeze in the fjords because it is sweet , and no tides , which helps enormously shipping .

The best time to visit is in late spring when the snow melts and can be seen waterfalls on the slopes . Latefos waterfall and waterfall Kjosfossen - the greatest natural landmarks in Norway.

The difference in nature between Norway and attractions in Sweden is very topography. The fact that the warm Gulf Stream influences the climate in Norway is instructive. Adding the higher mountains is obtained completed natural picture.

Latefoss waterfall is powered by a lake and flows down the rocks forming two drainage outlet . The height of this waterfall is 165 meters and the view is hampered by the steam that comes out in the fall of water.

Unforgettable landmarks in Norway

In the area there are two waterfalls that are worth seeing - Tjornadalsfoss and Strandfoss. Visit the wooden church Hedda - a work of art on 4 floors. Hedda wooden church is 900 years as ΒΌ of the timber is from the construction of the temple. It recreates the Viking culture and early Christianity. This is the largest wooden church in the world.

Lofoten islands are for lovers of mountains , rock climbing and fishing. These islands are far north , if you go in summer you will feel awkward because of the sun that does not set . Here is the cave Refsvikula which is known for its rock paintings from the Stone Age .

Jotunheimen National Park - a very attractive park with well marked routes. Here you can see the highest mountains in Norway and about 60 glacier . Here is the highest peak - Mount Galdhopiggen ( 2469 m ) .

The panoramic view is complemented by the nearby fjords.

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