Favourite and popular attractions in Northern Ireland

Attractions in Northern Ireland are part of the beauty of the UK. While it is small in area and population this northern country has its charm, which should not be overlooked. In fact, during the last years the authorities attach great importance to international tourism and in particular country tourism.

Northern Ireland is one of the four countries making up the United Kingdom. There are six counties in Northern Ireland - Londanderi, Fermanagh, Antrim, Down, Armagh and Tyron. Located in the northeastern part of the island of Ireland.

The country has 3 national parks and 10 reserves. The main attractions in Northern Ireland relate to its controversial history and the struggle between Catholics and Protestants. The only natural attraction in Northern Ireland included in the UNESCO protected program is a great trail (Giants Causeway).

This interesting attractions in Northern Ireland is made up of thousands of basalt columns symmetrical material located in the northern part of the country where the Atlantic washes with water to the Irish coast.

The view is very impressive if the observer is in the sea, because they are so arranged that flow as a springboard to the nearest mountaintop. Bookmark and Share

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Most popular attractions in Northern Ireland

These natural formations date back 50 to 60 million years when there were volcanoes erupted. From historical attractions in Northern Ireland can mention extremely beautiful castles and forts built before and during the Middle Ages.

The earliest fortifications have since Channel invasion. The most famous of these is Carrickfergus Castle, which is so well preserved that visitors perception remains that it is still ready to fight. 3/4 of the fort is surrounded by water, and was built in 1177 by John de Courcy. In nearly 800 years of history the castle was both a prison and a garrison of military units. Here were kept ammunition in the Napoleonic Wars and the First World War.

Beautiful attractions in Northern Ireland

Enniskillen Castle is situated in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. Built by Hugh Maguire in the 16th century typically shodladski style. Here a great number of Irish rebellion against British rule. In the 18th century the castle became barracks and is now converted into a museum. It contains many historical items from antiquity, as well as domestic cultural artifacts preserved from the Middle Ages to the present day.

The capital of Northern Ireland is Belfast with 800,000 inhabitants. This is actually the largest city in the country. Impermeable to visit attractions in Northern Ireland located in Belfast - St. Anne's Cathedral, Belfast Castle, Queen's University and Ulster Museum. The second largest city in Northern Ireland city of Derry (County Londanderi).

The main attractions here are the Northern Ireland city walls built in the 17th century Cathedral of St. Columb's Cathedral St. Ugine (St. Eugene) and the Museum Tower. The tour continues to the picturesque lake Belfast Lough and Bangor next to him.

Nearby, the castle is located 8 km Bangor and Helens Bay. You can make a relaxing stroll along the beach. The highest peak in Northern Ireland in terms of architecture has achieved during the Victorian period. And actually the largest industrialization.

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