Natural and architectural attractions in Nicaragua

We all know about the incredible beauty of Central American countries, but among them there is one that stands out the most with its grandeur and culture - these are the attractions in Nicaragua. Nicaragua is a very beautiful country in Central America, but also little known to tourists and tour operators worldwide.

It is the perfect place for unpretentious tourists, who enjoy so-called. ecotourism.

If you still decide to visit attractions in Nicaragua is better equipped, because you will have frequent meetings with the remnants of civil war and natural disasters.

The main road which crosses the country is the Panamerican Highway.

The main attractions in Nicaragua is to visit the waterfalls of La Makina, which is a route called "canopy" or in other words way through the trees.

For surfing fans offer many exciting moments in Tola. Located north of San Juan del Sur and is the best place for surfing in Nicaragua. Beaches in the area are also very nice to relax in the nature of Nicaragua. Other attractions in Nicaragua are the island Maisi, city of Granada, Ometepe Island Resort and Montelimar. The beach resorts are intermediate for Europeans, as crime is fairly high. Bookmark and Share

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The capital Managua is located on the dead lake of the same name. On the other side of the lake about 50 km. is Momotombo volcano - 1280 m and crater lakes and Apoyeke Hilo.

The best attractions in Nicaragua

Visit also the largest port pirate "El Bluf" of the Caribbean Sea and Isla del Maisi translated as "island of corn".

Here you can indulge in your favorite water sports and diving in the coral reefs. Main attractions in Nicaragua are Pacific volcanoes - some of which are active. Nature of Nicaragua offers high quality unique opportunity for photographers.

The climb to the crater is relatively easy and does not require special equipment and good physical health. At the base of the volcano Mombacho is the city of Grenada - the fifth largest in the past was the capital of the country.

Fly from Grenada to the village of Catarina will definitely. impress you, because you will enjoy panoramic views of the islands Solentime and Lake Laguna de Apoyo. And for dessert we have prepared a visit to the only city under the auspices of UNESCO " Leon Viejo".

  The city was devastated in 1609 by a volcano in the same manner as in the city of Pompeii Italy. The restoration began immediately after its discovery in 1968.

The ruins of the city are very well preserved and have great archaeological significance for the country. Among the biggest attractions in Nicaragua is Ometepe Island. It is the largest island in a lake on Earth. The local language the name means "two mountains". Actually, these are two towering volcano in the middle of the lake. Concepcion is an active volcano cone elongated shape while Madera has subsided.

Both volcanoes are connected by a narrow isthmus, which makes them an entire island. The nature of Nicaragua has made a very pleasant view for tourists. The rich volcanic soil provides food to people in the area, fishing is also a good livelihood. For Ometepe Island wear many pirate stories which are mostly fictional.

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