Attractions in Nepal, Temples and Parks

The main attractions in Nepal are not only eight thousand peaks of the Himalayas, but also hundreds of temples scattered throughout the country. Most people associate Nepal with the highest peak of the world Mount Everest and the Himalayas, but the country is the center of many ancient Tibetan culture.

Many of the most famous tourist attractions in Nepal are located in the capital Kathmandu. Most of these landmarks are in downtown Durbar Square. An area of ​​one square kilometer are Taleju temple, located in a pagoda built in the 16th century.

The Royal Palace known for its panoramic views of the Kathmandu Kumari temple.

Be sure to visit the Shiva Parvati temple, where the two statues in front of the temple vigilantly observe what is happening on the square in front of them.

Nagarkot is located 32 km from the capital Kathmandu. This place offers a panoramic view of the Himalayas. On the hill there is a tower from which if you climb will see a large picture of 360 degrees. If you are early risers and you can catch the sunrise, you will see the true gifts from nature of Nepal. Bookmark and Share

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The population of Nepal is very poor and therefore if you want to buy some souvenirs or useful goods will come out much cheaper. The best place for this is the Thamel district.

Beautiful attractions in Nepal, the Himalaya Mountains

Another important center of Tibetan culture is Bodhnath. There are more than 20 Buddhist monasteries that are open year round for visitors and religious rituals. Tansen town is interesting for tourists with its architecture and very good geographical location.

In the summer, on one side of the city discovered the Himalayas with its peaks, but in the opposite direction jungles of Terra. From here begins the main routes of the Annapurna mountain climbers, Dhorpatan and Ghorepani.

Spectacular natural attractions in Nepal

In Tansen can visit the most important attractions in Nepal - Amar Narayan temple in typical style pagoda. The interior of the temple is entirely decorated by carving and the outside is surrounded by stone blocks.

Other major attractions include Temple Amargung Ganesh, the temple bhagavathi and the Round House. For people who are interested in Buddhism would suggest visiting the place where Buddha was born - Lumbini. There is a stone column found in 1886, which is testament to this important historical event. After visiting Lumbini you will feel peace of mind and peace of your aura.

For tourists, nature lovers we have prepared a visit to attractions in Nepal the Royal National Park in Chitvan.

Founded in 1973, it is preserved rare species of animals and plants threatened with extinction. For example Bengal tigers and Asian rhinos are just 150 in number, and were 3000. The best time to visit nature of Nepal is the months of February to May because during the summer monsoon rains there..

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