Beautiful Nature of Kerguelen Island

Nature of Kerguelen Island is interesting if you enjoy raw wilderness of Antarctica. Actually Kerguelen Island is part of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands or in other words an overseas territory of France.

The main island - Grande Terre size is 120 kilometers to 140 kilometers and an approximate area 6675 km2. Around it are scattered around three hundred small islands. Harsh climate - cold wind from Antarctica dazh and snow almost all year and mists are a prerequisite for a small number of plants and animals.

However Kerguelen island has its own character, many lakes, several waterfalls, thermal springs and fresh air. The population is mostly of French researchers who live in the small town of Port-au-Francais. Bookmark and Share

Kerguelen Island photogallery

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Natural attractions in Kerguelen Island

Yet there are few places on the island of Kerguelen, which deserves to be mentioned in tourist catalogs. We draw your attention in the southern part of the island to up the cold Ross volcano about 1850 meters.

Inhospitable peak that few are climbing. The best place for photos according to us is La grande Cascade. It comprises three separate waterfalls of varying heights pleasant walk in the summer. This beautiful place is three hours walk from Port-au-Francais east.

The first waterfall is the highest, about 40 meters, the other two down the mountain stream are relatively small. Mont de Fumerolles geothermal springs Peninsula Rallier du Baty. In the northern part of the island is a former arch named Arche depuis le MD.

In the early 19th century inexplicably was demolished. There are different versions of this destruction, but the fact is that now it is not a two arch jutting boulders. Kerguelen Island is well studied in the beginning when he was discovered by French and English sailors there was a large population of walruses, sea elephants and penguins.

For several decades after almost all been killed. We have only king penguins and walruses less. The only way to get to the Kerguelen ostvov is by boat from the island of Reunion. The journey is 14 days in one direction with the vessel Marion Dufresne.

The price is very high, there is no airport on the island. For such a budget can go to Hawaii and to spend an unforgettable vacation and leave Kerguelen island of scientists and nature lovers.

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