What are the most interesting sights in the Yoho National Park

The nature in Yoho National Park and the places I've visited are Lake Emerald, Takakau Falls and Lake Louise. All this is located on the border between the province of British Columbia and the province of Alberta. Canada is a large country with vast territory, but it is this part of the Rocky mountains in America that is most beautiful.

Nearby are Jasper National Park and Banff National Park, where I was the last few days. What to tell you about this wonderful place, words are superfluous. The water in the lakes is blue and the rivers are extremely clean.

The reason, in my opinion, is compliance with laws and the prohibition of wild camping. Not that I didn't see tents spread out in some places, but everything was super clean. It is part of the World Heritage Sites of the Rockies and is under the protection of UNESCO.

In fact, it is the largest protected area on Earth. In the 17th and 18th centuries, immigrants who came from the eastern states to settle on the Pacific coast passed here. The Kicking Horse Pass is the first railway in this mountainous area. Wherever you turn you will see mountains over 3000 meters high.

Our family, together with two very good friends, were able to enjoy the amazingly clean air, peace and quiet where there is nowhere in the world. We have traveled to over 120 countries and are pleasantly surprised.Bookmark and Share

Nature in Yoho National Park photogallery

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What to Expect in Yoho National Park

  • Beautiful emerald lakes
  • High mountains
  • pure nature
  • comfortable lodges
  • easy access to attractions

I was unable to climb any of the peaks because my time was very limited and I did not have good equipment.

The local Native American population has given its name to Yoho National Park, which translates into awe. Beds are few. There are several huts and one campsite if you have a caravan or camper. Nearby are the cities of Golden and Fields.

They are small, but there is everything you need, like food and medicine. In the past, there were glaciers that made their way to the current rivers. I visited the second largest Takakau Falls in Canada.

The mountains are very similar to the Alps in Europe, and most lakes in the area are glacial. In the park you can visit the archaeological site of fossils, I have not succeeded and therefore I do not have any photos uploaded from there.

The place is Burgess Shell and you can see what life was like 500 million years ago, especially its marine inhabitants. These places were the bottom of the ocean. Especially from Takakau Waterfall, I have the best memories of Emerald Lake Emerald. Height is 384 meters, but not very full at the moment.

I spent three days here and was able to see wild animals such as elk, deer and some birds. There were grizzly bears, but they didn't show up for me to shoot and wave. The road through the valley of Yoho Park is narrow and there is only one car park. Follow the road signs and take turns. I continue my travel to Alaska and Denali National Park.

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