The best natural wonders of Arizona

The natural wonders of Arizona we witnessed during our unforgettable vacation in this part of Earth. During our travels in Arizona and Utah, we had the pleasure of seeing the myriad of amazing natural wonders. Each photo gallery is from a different place that we visited.

And these are just part of them. The nature there is unique and even traveling to these places is an amazing experience. 15 days and over 2000 km of great weather and even more wonderful friends whom I met on the first day and together we made the whole route. This is a challenge that starts with booking the nights, because months in advance all the campsites and huts are sold out, the terrain is harsh, the weather may be nasty, but the views are a great reward.

I share a few photos of my track, and if anyone needs specific information about overnights, itineraries, food, or anything else, ask, I'll answer whatever I know. Arizona is full of natural attractions, small towns and cities where you can get lost. This US state is not only the Grand Canyon, though it attracts the most tourists from all over the world. Lake Mead National Recreation Area covers 177 miles of the Colorado River and includes Lake Mead and Lake Mohave.

The 1.5 million-acre site extends into southern Nevada.The area offers boats and water sports, camping, fishing and hiking opportunities. Mojave Lake is 67 miles long, making it the smaller of the two major lakes in Lake Maid National Recreation Area. Like its counterpart. Mojave Lake is an artificial body of water retained by the Davis Dam. Willow Beach is a small resort town on the Colorado River with accommodations, restaurants, a marina and a fish hatchery. Bookmark and Share

Natural wonders of Arizona photogallery

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The most visited wonders of Arizona

Arizona is home to mountains, desert, lakes, canyons, cacti, waterfalls and even a volcano where you can dive. I would share with you that I liked Monument Valley the most. Located between Utah and Arizona, it includes jagged rock formations that rise above the desert landscape.

In the middle is the Navajo National Park. There is a 20 km country road that crosses it and from which you can see the park in detail. The Havasuupai Indian Reserve is located 35 meters high at Havasu Falls. At the foot of the waterfall, the water is green-blue. There you can even bathe in the summer. When the Colorado River tributary is flooded, Havasu Falls falls into two.

The Havasupai Indian tribe is home to about 450 people. Unfortunately, tourists cannot visit them. Another interesting place we visited was Antelope Canyon. You need a guide to tour the rock-carved formations. When the sun is high, its light shines through the narrow openings of the canyon, and that's when the photos are most successful and of good quality. Antelope Canyon is located near the Navajo Nation Reserve. Standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon, looking out across the endless ridges of colored rock walls and deep gullies, it's impossible not to be inspired by this natural wonder. The canyon walls glow in the late afternoon sun, revealing orange, red, yellow shades and everything in between. One of the biggest attractions in America, and certainly in Arizona, the Grand Canyon is nothing short of amazing. This incredible landscape is carved by the Colorado River, seen from afar far below.The Cactus National Park is located on the border with Mexico. There are two main avenues to explore this interesting place, Ajo Mountain Drive and Puerto Blanco Drive, but to see the cacti bloom you need to stay the night in the summer. There are 30 different species of cacti, some of which reach over 10 meters in height. We spent one day at Saguaro National Park.Interesting place with deserted scenery and very nice panoramic views. The park has two routes and in some places the altitude reaches 1000 meters. This should not bother you, as the slope is smooth and no special equipment is needed. We hope we've been helpful with this natural landmarks in Arizona landmark and we hope to come here again in 10 years.

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