Natural landmarks on Navarino island Chile

Natural landmarks on Navarino island Chile, near Tierra del Fuego. This is the second largest island of the archipelago. Also this island is the southernmost inhabited city of Puerto Williams. Here, tourism is not the main livelihood of people.

The place is far away from all the tourist routes, so there is no way to make it happen. For this reason, the Chilean government does not spend enough money to develop tourism in this part of the world. First of all, the streets of Puerto Williams are not downgraded.

We need high pass vehicles for that. There are no hotels, but there are hostels. In contrast, in the Argentinean part of Tierra del Fuego, things are fundamentally different. But this is another topic of reflection that we will be discussing in our next article.

Let's go back to natural landmarks on the island of Navarino Chile. The best opportunity for this is a five-day pass around the island and crossing the Navarino Dientes. It is also a chance to enjoy unique views of the legendary Cape Horn and the Antarctic Sea.

The eco-trail is 53 km long and passes for 5 days. Above all, we must note that this route is for traveler tourists. You should be equipped with alpine equipment including a tent and water for 3 days. The path is not well marked because it was done in the 1990s.

The last mark is from 2001. The road passes through many lakes and labyrinths of swamps. But the most interesting part is Navarino Dientes. Bookmark and Share

Navarino island photogallery

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The best landmarks on Navarino island Chile

The height of this mountain is about 1000 meters, but climbing is quite difficult and dangerous. You need a good time and the wind is not strong. The route starts from Puerto Williams, but you must sign up for a trip along this route.

There is no entry fee, so it's a good idea to make a life insurance for each case. The Dientes Circle is divided into five stages. Each stage passes approximately for five hours walking.

Follow the red signs that are placed on pylons. If you are well prepared physically, you can go through two stages in one day, but you must know that the descent on Porsy Virginia is 900 meters up to the sea level. If the weather is nice, you can enjoy wonderful landscapes, beautiful meadows where grazing cows and calf shrubs. In the lower part there are forests.

Finally, we should note that the wind is the main problem of these latitudes. As a result, the Dientes Circle is a very wild place. I strongly recommend it to nature lovers. How inhabitants live on the island of Navarino. There are two settlements as we have already mentioned Puerto Williams and Puerto Toro.

However, in Puerto Toro, apart from carabineros and a few local fishermen, other people did not see. Everyone lives in wooden houses like a barracks, which is quite miserable. But obviously people like it. Just a few miles from the other side of the Beagle Strait, things are totally different.

Argentina is making great efforts and resources to develop tourism and the economy in this region. Disputes between Chile and Argentina about the islands around Tierra del Fuego are 25 years ago. You can still see warships in Beagle and cannons and machine guns.

These islands are so wild and the climate is harsh, so it is not worth the effort to throw as much security and stakeholder claims as possible. Natural attractions on the island of Navarino Chile are too small and the probability of losing here is almost zero.

First of all, watch where you go and do not miss visiting another attractions in Chile. First in our ranking is attractions of Easter Island and its mystical Moai statues.

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