Top attractions on La Gomera island

Natural landmarks of La Gomera Island, part of the Canary Islands. For many years I have been delaying visiting La Gomera one of the Canary Islands.

There was no time, I was always expensive to transport, something always was happening. And here we are today on the island of La Gomera, which I think is a paradise for life. We're taking the ferry from Tenerife, and for 1 hour we're in the greenest island of the Canaries.

I expected a lot of this place and got it with extra stuff. And in my wildest fantasies, I could not fabricate something so monstrously beautiful. So brutally plummeting, so paradoxically harmonious. The wet mossy forests, the winding paths on the slopes, the evergreens of palm trees in the valleys.

The black desert beaches, the idyllic palm trees on the terraces, the majestic landscapes, the broken volcanoes, the gorgeous mountain trails, the green, the eternal summer, the lack of humidity, the capital letter. That's all I imagine is the perfect place. We start touring the island, as we have done on other trips, and in the first hour we are in Valle Del Rey, El Guro. Bookmark and Share

La Gomera photogallery

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The best experience of La Gomera island

There are places in the world for which it is better not to speak. Every description is pale for them and superfluous. I prefer to be kept secret and preserved in the form in which my breath has stopped.

The Royal Valley is exactly such a place. It is love at first glance. Idylia, stopped in time, a piece of land with overflowing shapes. It is my perfect paradise. Temperatures are between 22 and 25 throughout the year. Water in the winter has a difference of 1-2 degrees summer. You bake yourself without a problem. Being part of Spain is the biggest plus.

Apart from the cheap tickets to the peninsula, you can enjoy the nature, which was the same as during the dinosaurs. There is only one national park called Garachonai, which is named after the former royal people. La Gomera Island can come by ferry from the main island of Santa Cruz de Tenerife or a direct flight from Spain.

I was impressed by the fact that there is no panoramic road around the island and this is normal because the mountains are very steep. Anywhere you can fall on narrow roads that curve along the slopes like coils.

Most bathing sites are in the south of La Gomera, but they are still quite rocky and with a narrow coastline. Another interesting fact is that there is no volcano on the island of La Gomera, as is the case in the other Canary Islands. If you have more money you can buy a house and spend the winter here because the conditions are very favorable, the temperature does not fall below 20 degrees and the summer is cool.

In recent years, pedestrian tourism is very common because the island of La Gomera is small in size and has a lot to see. For example, beautiful panoramic photos can be taken from some of La Gomera's peak. From everything written so far, we may strongly recommend visiting the rest of the Canary Islands to experience the natural paradise of the Earth.

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