Most interesting natural landmarks in Utah

The most impressive natural landmarks in Utah are concentrated in five national parks which are the pride of this continental US state. About 30% of the state is covered by forests, here goes the Colorado River and to the north is the Great Salt Lake.

The climate is continental and is rugged terrain of mountains and rivers cut deep canyons. We start with Bryce Cayon - located in southwestern Utah real natural phenomenon. For millions of years of erosion has managed to form a fantastic giant rock formations that can liken them to people and animals. Bryce Cayon National Park is open year round for visitors.

The biggest attraction is the the park with amphitheater at Bryce Cayon. If you upload a high altitude you will see the crag formed amphitheater enormously. Pictures at sunset, you will make are uniquely beautiful. Bookmark and Share

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Amazing natural landmarks in Utah

Monument Valley - situated on the border between Utah and Arizona in the Navajo Tribal Park. You have several options for a tour of the park, such as the classic version remains horse riding. You can do a guided balloon or helicopter. The altitude of the plateau is about 1,600 meters to 1,800 meters.

Valleys are incised into the rock at a depth of 300 meters. The rocks are painted in bright red because of iron oxide present in the layers of rock. Please ensure walk in Monument Valley, that after sunset the temperature drops sharply and could reach almost zero degrees even in summer.

This park is famous rock formations, "Eye of the Sun" and "Eye of the Wind". Zion National Park - very beautiful and diverse park where there are hills, canyons, rivers, natural arches and huge rock monoliths. Of course the big attraction at Zion National Park is Subway tunnels.

The most visited landmarks in Utah

Proceed to about 7 - 8 hours away by tourists are exposed to several challenges including water hazards. Other interesting attractions in Zion National Park are "Temples and Towers of the Virgin", the highest point of the park Horse Ranch Mountain, Virgin River Narrows - Canyon 6 km in length, with some tourists is one of the most enjoyable and exciting adventure routes.

Do not miss dangerous hiking trail called Angel landing, the extreme high point passes through the narrow trail hundreds of feet above the abyss. Capitol Reef national park - a small park with a length of 200 kilometers and 30 kilometers wide. If you look high, the park has the S-shape of the Earth's crust, which was formed 65 million years ago.

There is good infrastructure and Capitol Reef national park can be seen while driving a car. Of course it is better to walk around on foot to feel the power of nature in all its formations.

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