Most visited natural landmarks in Oregon

Natural landmarks in Oregon is located in the northwestern part of the US, where the winds coming from the Pacific Ocean bring moist cold air in winter. Oregon landscape is various and full of dangerous active volcanoes in the Cascade Mountains, which fortunately now sleep, windy Pacific coastline, evergreen forests and abundance of waterfalls.

Eastern Oregon is a mix of desert, prairie, steppe and medium high mountains. The western part is beautiful and a favorite place for tourists. Here are the two most magnificent natural attractions in Oregon - National Park Crater Lake and Mount Hood. The highest point in Oregon's Mount Hood. Located in the northern region as part of the so-called Cascade Volcanic Arc.

Relatively easy climbing peak with a height of 3429 meters during the summer months. Represents an extinct volcano with 5% to 7% likely to erupt in the next 30 years. Visible from 100 km of all countries, because it is about a wooded plain. Bookmark and Share

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Most interesting natural landmarks in Oregon

Another important attraction in Oregon is National Park Crater Lake. An enormous crater lakes with an area of 183,224 acres. This is the deepest crater lake in the US - 592 m. There are several well established hiking trails that pass by the caldera of Crater lake. Also a dozen observation platforms for panoramic pictures of National Park Crater Lake.

The best place for this is Mount Scott 2,722 m. The trail is quite steep, about 4 km long and steep slope. For lovers of rafting and camping offer Hells Canyon. Located on the border between Oregon and Idaho. The length of the Hells Canyon is only 16 km but is inaccessible by land because of the steep slopes. Snake River cuts through the canyon and is suitable rafting and fishing.

Just to note that fishermen are the most satisfied with this landmark in Oregon, because the fish in the river is really great. Wallowa Lake, a lovely lake near Joseph, Oregon North. Here you will find ideal conditions for recreation during the summer months. The best view of the lake from Mount Howard. There are specially built tram, but can optionally upload it for a few hours walk. Another beautiful lake Trillium offers similar conditions on a family vacation.

Trillium Lake is a place especially for photographers because they get great photos of the impact of Mount Hood. The lake has very good conditions for fishing and winter skiing. Tumalo state park, located 8 km from the city of Bend, founded in 1954. The most interesting attraction in the park is Tumalo falls River Deschutes. The location is convenient for camping and is visited by around 300,000 visitors throughout the year.

Devils Punch Bowl, a large bowl carved into the rock. There is a large opening (door) in the direction of the Pacific, through which the water enters, which is swirled inside the huge hole. Outside the bowl has ideal conditions for surfing. From coast can be observed migration of whales in the ocean and make panoramic images of the shingle.

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