The most visited landmarks in Nevada

Although landmarks in Nevada are not very well known, as most area of this western American state is desert and medium high mountains, I'll walk virtually. Great Basin is a vast desert territory on the north and south covered with mountain ranges, between which there are valleys with an altitude over 1,000 meters.

Winter is cool and warm, but summer is very hot. The capital of Nevada is Carson City but the biggest city known worldwide Las Vegas. In this desert region still go from east to west some very shallow rivers such as the River Walker, Truckee River and River Carson.

The Colorado River is the border with Arizona in the south. Here is the famous Mojave Desert. You understand that these geographical data, the population density is very low. However, in Nevada are more than 170 mountain peaks, which ranks the state second only to Alaska. Bookmark and Share

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The most beautiful attractions of in Nevada

If you have an adventurous spirit and an opportunity for adventure, then this is your place. Red Rock Canyon, a very interesting landmark, which offers visitors a variety of activities such as cycling, rock climbing, horseback riding and camping. It is good to know that the temperatures often reach 40 ° C in summer and there is a danger of snakes. Great Basin National Park, dry mountainous region between the Wasatch Mountains and the Sierra Nevada.

The park offers an abundance of wildlife - more than 60 species of mammals, 20 species of reptiles and 230 species of birds. There are 12 hiking trails with a length of 20 kilometers, some of them quite dangerous for unprepared tourists.

Visit the most beautiful place in the park Stella Lake north of Wheeler Peak. Another beautiful lake that you recommend is Lake Tahoe.

Located between California and Nevada. Especially in the summer there are many tourists who come to the beach or walk around the lake. There are several interesting places here. For example: Sand Harbor - large sandy beach in the eastern part of the lake, Spooner Lake - a popular spot for picnics and fishing, Marlette Lake is a scenic destination, Cave Rock and others.

Mount Charleston, the highest mountain in Nevada, located about 55 kilometers northwest of Las Vegas. Very interesting place to visit by amateur mountaineers and tourists from Las Vegas. Round can climb, but because height is over 3600 meters, in November to late April snow.

Residents of Las Vegas regularly flee the city in specially constructed at the foot of the mountain over 200 campsites and picnic areas. Lake Las Vegas, I can tell you that this is a paradise in the desert. An artificial lake about the rich people of Las Vegas have built luxury homes and hotels. In this oasis in the desert surrounding the capital of gambling golf course and even luxury yachts, given that the reservoir is closed.

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