The most interesting natural landmarks in Idaho

Natural landmarks in Idaho is located in the northwestern part of the US near the Canadian province of British Columbia and the US states of Nevada, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming and Montana.

Very attractive with its beautiful scenery state, mountains and plains with lakes, suitable for all kinds of tourism. The climate is continental, because the Pacific is far, of 560 kilometers and winds stop parts of the mountain range in the western part of Idaho.

We begin our tour of natural landmarks in Idaho and in particular Craters of the Moon, the US National Monument in 2000 by a decree of President Clinton. Protected area with many well-preserved lava from past volcanic activity in the fault area. Once in the center of the Craters of the Moon will actually feel that you are on Earth and the moon. Bookmark and Share

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The most visited natural landmarks in Idaho

Hells canyon, located in the western part of the state border with Oregon. Very beautiful place in which Snake River cuts through a deep gorge.

The place is suitable for a camp, fishing and rafting. Shoshone Falls, large and beautiful waterfall probably formed during the last glacial period. In addition it can make panoramic photos of Shoshone Falls, below it is ideal for salmon and trout.

Unfortunately Shoshone Falls is a natural barrier for sturgeon, which can not pass in the upper reaches of the river. Shoshone Falls, located in the central part of Idaho.

Typical alpine landscapes can be seen in this mountain. Hundreds of glacial lakes and high rocky peaks are just some of the adventures that await you if you decide to visit this landmark in Idaho.

The largest and most beautiful lakes in the Sawtooth mountains are: Stanley Lake, Alturas Lake, Pettit Lake, Redfish Lake, Yellow Belly Lake and Sawtooth Lake. Clearwater National Forest, located in the northern part of Idaho, near the border with Montana.

This is a protected area with access to tourists in some areas, the majority of the park is covered with forests, lakes and rivers. Since this protected area is close to the Nez Perce National Forest and Palouse Prairie, it is logical to attract many tourists because in the past there lived many tribes and left a great cultural heritage.

Goat Lake, is a lake of alpine species near Custer County. It is a popular tourist destination in the summer, although sometimes be frozen during the warmer months. Interesting is the tourist trail Iron Creek and Goat Falls. Goat Lake, a lake Boise River to avoid flooding and water is used for irrigation.

A walk is recommended if you are in southwest Idaho.

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