Natural landmarks in Arizona

Natural landmarks in Arizona are located in the western United States, near Mexico, Grand Canyon and Colorado River. Desert landscape, which completely covers the southern Arizona border with Mexico and north Grand Canyon are distinctive landmarks familiar to tourists.

Arizona has something to show for its visitors except desert. The location offers breathtaking views of natural landscapes. Here are 10 top natural landmarks in Arizona that attracts photographers and nature lovers. Grand Canyon, the most famous canyon in the world.

Advertising is so great that there is hardly anyone who has not examined the photos of this natural phenomenon. Meteor Crater, well-preserved crater formed 50,000 years ago at the fall of the meteorite. The depth is 170 meters and the diameter of the crater is about 1200 meters. Bookmark and Share

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Most visited natural landmarks in Arizona

There is an entrance fee, because it is owned by a private person, as strange as it sounds. Oak Creek Canyon, the second most visited site after the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

Verde River cuts through the canyon and park guards has built several very nice places for camping and fishing. Cathedral Rocks, Sedona attraction and one of the most photographed sites in Arizona. Located in the Coconino National Forest and is a red and black basalt rocks at a height of 1500 meters.

Monument Valley, located on the border between Arizona and natural landmarks in Utah. Represents large rocky hills with a height of 300 meters in the Navajo Nation Reservation. There have been many western movies and are currently the most photographed landscapes in the world. Thin ridges created by the erosion of rock within the Navajo Sandstone.

This amazing view you can see, but against a special permit to visit the Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs on the border with Utah. Papago park, located inside city Phoenix - the capital of Arizona.

The place is suitable for bicycle rides or walk among the hilly desert landscape. Antelope Canyon, an incredibly beautiful canyon, but feel that you need to be at the right time, when the sun shines vertically above it. Bell Rock Pathway, trail of Sedona, which is between Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte.

The trail is well marked and suitable for cycling and hiking. Horseshoe Bend, is a meander of the Colorado River within Glen Canyon National Recreation. To get to the right place you have to follow your path and not go beyond it, because in a protected area.

Camelback Mountain, the name comes from the shape of the mountain looks like a hump of a camel. There are two hiking trails leading to the summit, which rises to 390 meters. Tourists need 3 hours to pass through one of two paths. There is also the possibility of climbing.

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