The most important attractions in Sao Miguel

Natural attractions on Sao Miguel are mostly volcanoes and low mountains and foothills have in their small towns. This place is highly seismic, can therefore be seen active volcanoes.

All islands of the archipelago are volcanic Origin with a total area of ​​2335 square kilometers. This is truly a remarkable place, which in recent years has a population growth of 30%. This is explained by the reduced migration to Europe and America. First impressions of Sao Miguel Island are an amazingly clean place with an incredible combination of nature and architecture.

I had the pleasure to spend an unforgettable week in the Nature Azores in the summer. Indeed, this archipelago offers breathtaking views amid endless Atlantic. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Sao Miguel

Overall Sao Miguel Island is a green space with pointed green craters at the foot of which there are lakes with different color and composition of the water. Everywhere flowing freshwater rivers and in places there are quite large waterfalls.

The abundance of mineral springs with different mineral content plays an important role in medical tourism on the island. In good coincidence you can see dolphins playing near the shore or whales migrate. Thanks to the temperate climate and warm weather, vegetation is lush, like a real fairy garden.

Grown bananas, pineapples and figs. The trees most area has a Mediterranean pine, laurel and cedar trees, magnolias, acacias. And it is flecked with the bright colors of many flowers. Even before the fences between the houses and fields hedges of flowers - Chinese roses and hydrangeas in all colors.

The local population is very friendly and welcoming. Willingly offer their hospitality. In towns and villages is stored comfort and peace. Small cute restaurants offer delicious food - fish and meat dishes.

Pastry with hand-made pastries and coffee are preoritet. In recent years, booming expensive buildings, modern hotels, and calling at ports yachts. Environmentalists and conservationists lead constructive struggle for the protection of colorful Sao Miguel Island. In the end of this article can add magnificent beaches, many spas, golf courses and challenging eco routes.

For divers there are many colorful underwater world and underwater caves. I think this is one of the few paradises that are still a reality.

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